Has ISIS Helped Make the Streets Safer?

Posted: Oct 29, 2014 12:01 AM
Has ISIS Helped Make the Streets Safer?

While the Islamic State continues to expand its’ ranks and its’ reach across Iraq and Syria and threatening other Middle Eastern nations into action, has ISIS unintentionally helped make the streets of Western Europe and the United States safer?

With the reports of hundreds, perhaps a few thousand recruits from Europe and the U.S. trekking to Iraq to join the ranks of ISIS, many of the psycho-sexual killers who previously walked our streets and preyed upon women and children may now be dying on the ISIS fields of battle.

ISIS claims to be religiously-based and working towards a larger Islamic caliphate across the Middle East, but considering the level of depravity of many of the reports of atrocities reaching the Western media, ISIS’s ranks appear to consist more of some of the sickest mental cases that ever walked the planet. Psychopaths who were it not for the fighting in Iraq would be committing sexual assaults and murders in other places. Fortunately for civilized society many of those same psychopaths are being killed by American and coalition airstrikes.

So-called religious motivations aside, ISIS appeals to and actively recruits the same psychos and nut cases who once lived next door to and posed a threat to Americans and Europeans. A psychotic army, raping, pillaging and plundering in a rampage across the Middle East. Social outcasts whose departure from this earth will be welcome by the neighborhoods they once inhabited.

Less fortunate though are the women and children in Iraq and Syria who have fallen under the control of ISIS fighters, and are still being abused and killed by this assembly of psychopathic murderers. One can only hope that the reign of terror will soon come to an end, taking with it the serial killers and sexual psychopaths who will no longer be able to prey upon innocent women and children back where they came from.

So as long as we can kill them on the sands of Iraq, law enforcement in the U.S. and Europe won’t have to deal with them back in the civilized world. And ISIS will have inadvertently helped make our streets just a little bit safer.