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A Christmas Plea to the Doctors, Scientists, and Voices Honestly Reporting on COVID and the Lockdowns

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In the history of our planet, we have never seen a cash, profit, luxury, or a stealing-power-from-the-people machine-like COVID-19.

The testing, vaccines, and now boosters are making hundreds of billions of dollars for a – relative to the world population – handful of people.


For that very reason, it’s perfectly logical to assume that some of those who are directly or indirectly raking in multiple lifetimes of incomes in days, weeks, or months thanks only to the appearance of the virus and the panic deliberately created around it, would be thrilled to have certain doctors, scientists, and politicians “discover” the next “variant” every few months or so in order to roll out the next round of multi-billion-dollar profit-making testing and treatment regimes.

After all, who is going to stop them?  As I have stressed in the past, the left has almost complete control of the five major megaphones of our nation.  Those being: the media, academia, science, medicine, and entertainment.  A reality which we also see in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and a number of other nations. 

Because the left does control those megaphones – mostly through illegal discrimination – they can and often do, exert their will via omission.  Either through censorship or simply groupthink ideology, they will deliberately ignore any news or issues which they see as harmful to their greater mission of complete domination.    

Included in that very long list, being any positive or hopeful news or statistics regarding the virus.  Information we have a right to know.   

Just to be clear, this is not a rant against the vaccines or the boosters.  Clearly hundreds of millions of people have come to believe that they represent their best hope against the virus.  As such, I strongly support their right to get the vaccine and as many boosters as they deem necessary for their protection.  Just as I strongly support the tens of millions of Americans who choose not to get the vaccines or boosters for a host of reasons.  Natural immunity and waiting a bit longer to assess any long-term issues with the vaccines or boosters being but two of them.  


With regard to the omission issue, during the first few months of the pandemic in early 2020, you could use Google or another search engine to look up questions such as “What is the survival rate for COVID-19?” or “What is the average age of those getting the virus?” or “Does the virus hit the obese or those with chronic morbidities harder?” or “Where did the virus originate?” or “Has the virus gotten weaker as it has mutated?”

But just try to do that now. You’ll find that many of the answers are buried, only date back to early 2020, or simply impossible to find.  It seems as if the Left and their proxies in Big-Tech and elsewhere have decided “for our own good” that certain questions should not be asked, certain answers must be buried, certain scientists and doctors should be criticized, certain people should be fired, and a certain class should do the thinking for the rest of us.

All, as that “handful of people” redirect the “COVID-Gold” into corporate, organizational, and personal bank accounts.  As that cash-grab is taking place, a number of those same people are calling for the firing of doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, military personnel, teachers, pilots, air traffic controllers and U.S. intelligence officers who refuse to take the billions-in-profit-making vaccines and boosters.

Every sane human being wants an end to this virus. 

The vast majority of doctors and scientists are working to make that a reality.  That said, as we have seen time and again, those who dare to even question the left’s continually moving-goal-posts responses to the virus are often vilified, forced into silence, or fired. 


To paraphrase a famous horror movie line: “If the COVID internment camps set up by the authorities in Australia don’t make your skin crawl, then it’s on too tight.”   Some of these people truly have proven themselves to be ghouls who would eat the souls of infants to rake in more cash or gain more power.

This new tyranny is terrifying.  

I just recently completed the writing of a book titled: The 56.

I wrote the book as fast as possible only as a way to honor The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence before the Left and Far-Left succeed with their threats to have them and the genius of their vision for our Republic banned forever.  While writing the book, it became clear to me that the tyranny and authoritarian oppression we face today, is in some instances, much worse than what our Founding Fathers fought against in 1776.

It is for that reason, that I have this closing Christmas plea to the doctors, scientists, and voices – people like Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Marty Makary, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Alex Berenson, Jedediah Bila, Jordan Schachtel, Lisa Boothe, and The Ethical Skeptic, -- honestly and consistently reporting the truth about the virus, vaccines, boosters, and lockdowns.

To turn the tide on these draconian, life-destroying measures, we need to hear and spread positive news.  

The American people – and all people – want and deserve our lives back.  Honest, unbiased, and not financially driven reporting does help us to determine which health measures are best for us and our children.


For that very reason, every single time these ethical and deeply caring doctors write anything about the virus, they should automatically report that the survival rate is over 99%; that the average age of those who pass from the virus is about 80 years of age; that the vast majority who do pass away are either elderly, dangerously obese, have diabetes – often from being dangerously obese – or have a number of other underlying serious health conditions; that throughout the history of the world, viruses do tend to make themselves weaker and more contagious simply to survive; and that the lockdowns are directly responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands – to millions – of lives.

The American people – and all people – need to see these numbers every single time these doctors – and all honest and ethical doctors – write about the virus, the vaccines, the boosters, and the lockdowns.  

As for the likes of Alex Berenson, Jedediah Bila, the Ethical
Skeptic, Jordan Schachtel, and Lisa Boothe, every time you – or any other honest and ethical voices out there warning against the suspiciously ever-shifting treatment goalposts – write on the subject, it may make great sense to identify those organizations, sites, and individuals who are getting fees, contributions, or donations from vaccine-connected Big-Pharma.  Most likely always heavily disguised in delivery via agents of the agents of Big-Pharma.

“We the People” are the boss of we, the people.  Not unelected bureaucrats desperate to cozy up to the Hollywood elite at any cost or misery.  


We want and deserve our lives back. 

Continual honest, ethical, and unbiased reporting of facts -- and positive news -- will help to make that a reality. 


Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book: The 56 – Liberty Lessons from Those who Risked All to Sign The Declaration of Independence.  Before they and the 4thof July are banned.

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