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JOSH DUGGAR: Hideous Hypocrite Or A Broken Dude Trying To Do What's Right?

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I’ve never watched The Duggars' "Reality Show". The initial and subsequent promos for it never really flicked my switch. There wasn’t enough crap blowing up, guns blazing, mud soaked monster Jeeps slingin’ caliche, or… enough crap blowing up.


For moi, sitting around and watching a couple with nineteen kids wearing Mormon dresses with Pentecostal hairdos do chores and squabble about Scrabble didn’t really pique my interests. Call me carnal.

No, when I watch TV it’s either the news, Netflix, Hitchens on YouTube, chick flicks (for my wife), horror movies and/or warrior pics for me or one of Mark Sullivan's dangerous game hunting DVDs that I usually have on a loop like the Warren Commission did The Zapruder Film. Exciting, eh? :P

I said all that to say this: I don’t have a dog in the Duggar hunt. I’m no glaze-eyed Jim Bob devotee who’ll defend them to the death because I’ve been watching that show and have evangelized others to do so. I’m not a fan and probably will never be one. That said, I don’t wish them ill and I hope they pull out of this harmatological hell that has hit their home.

I will tell you, however, that there is someone out there who is McLovin’ on The Duggars right now. Her name? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Why do I think the old Hildebeest be diggin’ on the Duggar debacle? Well, it’s principally because it’s keeping the coverage off her abysmally unattended stump speeches, her intergalactic horse-scat and the disgustingly dirty Clinton Cash. Which, by the way, will have more massive long-term, detrimental ramifications for our nation, if she’s elected, then any demonic thing that Duggar dude ever did. Please tell that to Good Morning America. And that's not diminishing anything Josh did to his kid sisters, mind you.


Yep, I guarantee Hillary is in some underground lair donned in a Dr. Evil nehru suit, maniacally laughing her haggard backside off that the limelight is on Josh instead of her dirty deeds done on our dime.

Matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt if her cabal had that police chief yield up the sealed Duggar intel to InTouch because it was in Little Rock, y’know? I wonder if that police chief has any connections to The Clintons? Any campaign contributions? Any soirees over lemonade and sweet potato pie? Now, that would be worth poking around a bit, wouldn’t it? Maybe Peter Schweitzer’s team could take a little "look see" as they say in Arkansas? But that’s enough of my right-wing conspiracy theories.

Now to my point: According to The Left, unless one’s perfect you can’t call sin, sin. Jim Bob’s and Josh’s denunciations of homosexuality, according to Libs, is illegit because of Josh’s past gross vices, even though he confessed them and repented of them. That’s what I’m getting as the main rub that folks have with the Duggars and their Christian values they've extrapolated on our crappy culture. Am I right? It’s the "who are they to judge when they’ve got T-Rex size skeletons in their nine-teen closets" argument, correct?

To some extent I agree with the Duggars' detractors, namely, that those who have failed miserably should keep that in mind when they carp on others' bents. I believe that encapsulates the Matthew 7:1-5 maxim which translates into redneck: "tread lightly when you bash others and always, as a fallen critter, err on the side of grace because ‘except for by the grace of God … there go I'."


But the label the Left is attempting to placard the Duggars with, i.e. "hypocrisy" doesn’t fit him/them in this case as far as the biblical definition of the word goes. Hypocrisy, according to Jesus, Joseph and Mary, is condemning in others what you’re currently practicing or have practiced in the past and have yet to repent of.

It is not hypocritical for repentant sinners to point out what the Scripture states is bad behavior. Duh. If that were true there would be no biblical instructions, as it was written, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, by a bunch of saints who had sinful San Andreas sized faults.

For instance:

• Solomon wrote about true love, avoiding adultery, the destructive power of lust -- and he tapped more booty than Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerain combined.

• Moses preached "thou shall not kill" after he killed an Egyptian dude.

• Abraham is a main example for Jews and Christians and he lied about being married -- twice.

• Noah preached righteousness and condemned the world’s sin -- and got so wasted he passed out butt naked on the floor.

• Samson, a great judge in Israel, dated a hooker. Hello.

• King David, who wrote about loving God and hating evil, boinked Bathsheba and had her husband killed to cover up his love child. That’s some House Of Cards stuff right there folks.

• Peter condemned cowardice and unbelief and he was an unbelieving coward at one point.

• Paul preached love and forgiveness -- and was a blood-stained overseer to multiple murders of Christians.


All of the aforementioned preached against sin from a radically sin-laden past. The only perfect person to every walk this planet was Jesus; and when he lambasted people's bad behavior they crucified him. That fact of the matter is that God uses, as he has done in the past, deeply jacked up, yet repentant, people to communicate his prescribed righteous ways.

So, does this excuse, condone or make light of Josh's teenaged transgressions? Hell, no. Is Josh Duggar a hideous hypocrite or a broken dude trying to do what's right? Heck if I know. My intent with this screed is to point out that God chooses and uses the base, the corrupt and the vile (1Cor.1:26-31), quite often, to speak truth to culture and we often miss the message by focusing on the messed up messenger.

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