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This past week Breitbart.com released a video of a young Obama singing the praises of a race-baiting prof from Harvard. I hate to say this, but I don’t think that particular video is going to dissuade the Obama zombies or the blissfully disengaged from voting for four more years of this fetid mess.

Why the pessimism, you ask? Well, it’s not because the incriminating video is not significant; it clearly is, as it once again establishes BHO’s deep allegiance to the lunatic fringe on the Left. However, his step-n-fetch voting block shares his diehard Euro-socialistic beliefs and does not mind 48 more months of an economic maelstrom at all if it means free candy for them for the rest of their mediocre, jealous lives.

Therefore, not only is that video not going to convert any of them, it will probably have the adverse effect of inciting more economic stupidity and racial bigotry by turning the ones who can read onto the mad scribblings of Derrick Bell and his bellicose beliefs.

Those of the apathetic middle who are paying minimal attention to our political milieu are not going to care enough to watch a 1991 video of Obama talking about crap they’re dispassionate about; they’re more concerned about whether or not Kim Kardashian’s butt is real, and besides, Soledad O’Brien has already told them that there is nothing to the videos. Move along, cattle. Move along.

What Breitbart.com and others have to dig up on Obama has to be so outlandish (like the infamous ACORN videos) that it completely derails the Obama love train and causes his fawners and the American Idol idiots to say, “Ew,” when it comes to voting for him this November.

For example, I’d be on the lookout for pictures, videos or documents such as the following …

1. A photograph of a young Obama kissing a Sarah Palin poster in his dorm room.
2. A video of a 22-year-old Barack clubbing a baby seal with a ball-peen hammer and/or shooting a polar bear with a .416 Rigby.
3. A video of a youthful BHO slow dancing with Lynne Cheney to Air Supply’s 1980 hit, “I’m All Out of Love.”
4. A dredged-up Occidental essay of Obama’s praising de Tocqueville’s tome, Democracy in America.
5. A 1999 video of Barack sitting in the front row of a Blue Collar Comedy show in D.C.
6. A photograph of the interior of Obama’s house with décor from Anthropologie.
7. A video of Barack stealing Sandra Fluke’s condoms she has stockpiled in her dorm then poking a hole in her waterbed and cutting the electric cord to her bedside lava lamp.

These videos, photos and documents alone would be the only empirical evidence that would shatter the spell the Obama machine has used to voodoo the gullibale GP.

No, it doesn’t matter that communist groups, terrorist organizations, or race-baiting preachers and professors endorse him. It’s not important that his economic policies are the failed derivatives of Karl Marx’s, or that gas is heading toward six bucks a gallon, or that his favorite author actually dedicated his book to Lucifer. None of these things faze the Obama fanatics, so I’m afraid investigative journalists are going to have to try harder and dig deeper.

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