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The idea of a national divorce has been floating around a lot lately, and while it may be appealing as we watch Democrats go to the mattresses to protect the ability of adults to mutilate the genitals of children, it’s not particularly practical, at least not right now. It may end up being the best option soon, however, considering just how diametrically opposed the two parties are on fundamental issues and, honestly, just how morally repugnant the left has become. But before we get to the stage of actually dividing up the plates and glasses, we should take a look at how we got here. To do that honestly, we have to admit that we’ve been living in two different worlds for some time now.


Vice President Kamala Harris loves Venn diagrams, just loves them. Every chance she gets she rambles on about her love for them, likely to avoid talking about her deficiencies in every other area of her public life. For those of you who don’t know what a Venn diagram is, they highlight the overlap of two or more groups of things, usually people. For example: there are people who love The Beatles more and those who love Elvis more, but there are also people who love both equally. A circle representing both groups of people would have an overlap of, for the sake of argument, 10 percent who love them both equally. A Venn diagram exists to show that overlap.

There is very little “overlap” left between liberals and conservatives when it comes to how we view reality.

This didn’t happen overnight, we’ve been working our way towards it for some time. The 2016 election is seen as the breaking point for many, but there was a lot of years of bending before that snap. 

Now, you can watch a night of Fox News or MSNBC and get the impression that you’re watching a television feed from different planets – what rates as the most important story of the day doesn’t even warrant mentioning on the other, and vice-versa. There are still Democrat viewers of MSNBC who would swear on the lives of the children they didn’t abort that Donald Trump was only elected because the Russian government hacked voting machines and changed votes from Hillary Clinton. Hell, there are TV personalities in the employ of NBC News who would do the same, though you’d have to imagine they actually know better and just choose to lie because their choir needs to be preached to for the sake of ratings (looking at you, Rachel Maddow). 


Whatever the case, we learned yet again this week that the Russian collusion scam was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign in an attempt to smear Donald Trump and distract from her own email scandal. We learned again that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were well aware of this at the time and played along. We learned again that the FBI was weaponized by Democrats to protect Clinton, and made things up completely – no idea was too absurd to include. Then we learned the former Director of the FBI only briefed the then president-elect on those rumors and the document containing them so it would be leaked that the briefing took place, thereby giving it the thin veil of newsworthiness needed to get the bogus story rolling in the public. From there, not a single act of journalism was ever committed.

Every minor attempt to “verify” the story failed because you can’t prove a lie. But that didn’t stop the liars from reporting the lies as fact. Anonymous sources, many of whom now sit as paid employees of the media outlets they lied to, spur pile of BS after pile of BS, all of which were immediately and unquestioningly spit out on television and in newspapers. When reporters were burned by lies so obvious they could no longer be told, no “source” was ever outed for their fraud – you don’t tell on your teammate for cheating when the game is on the line.


There isn’t an aspect of the Russia hoax that hasn’t been exposed as a political lie, but when this latest retelling of the story came out, MSNBC didn’t miss a beat. Airhead Nicole Wallace dismissed the findings of the 300+ page report less than a half hour after it was released, even after admitting she’d read none of it.

There was no discipline for lying to her audience, it’s what NBC News has to do in order to keep them. On Fox, the Durham report was the biggest story of the day, maybe even ever. On the other alphabet networks it was a blip they moved past like a homeless man passed out on the sidewalk they step over on their way to work. Same is true for the report the previous week on the fortune Joe Biden’s family managed to amass from foreign entities and adversaries while possessing no skills and providing zero goods or services for their millions – it happened and was ignored. 

If you watch MSNBC you would be justified in believing Joe Biden is the most righteous man ever to walk upright, and he’s also smart as a whip. If you watch conservative media you see evidence he and his family got rich selling access to his positions and watch clip after clip of a man clearly suffering mental decline.

Two different worlds.

How can those two worlds live together? The truth is they can’t, at least not indefinitely. The left is committed to their story and the audience is locked in, airtight, so any inconvenient facts won’t seep in.


That leaves those of us who live in reality with two options: fight or flight. I’d rather see the RNC (and every right of center group) run ads on television everywhere with 30 seconds of truth (not hyperbolic ads trying to raise money, but to inform people who’ve not been exposed to reality in a while) rather than fighting over who gets custody of the dogs. 

The United States is worth fighting to save, but it’s not worth handcuffing ourselves to a suicide bomber over. If the left wants to destroy itself, eventually we have to let them and make sure we don’t go down with them. If the time does come for that national divorce, so be it. Just make sure we get the east so the left can’t further destroy our history, the Great Lakes for the water and a lot of farm land and oil country, they can have the rest. They’ve pretty much ruined it all already, and when they age themselves out of existence through sterilization and mutilation – when they rediscover how gender and biology work far too late to matter – we’ll just take it back anyway. So, think of it less as a divorce and more of a trial separation; irreconcilable differences between two worlds that simply can’t exist simultaneously. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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