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Time to Impeach Biden

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When it comes to turnabout, it is the fairest of plays. So when Democrats set the terms for outrage under the administration of President Donald Trump, they were to be taken seriously. Sure, they seemed wildly stupid to we normal people, but Democrats are not normal people. They are also not people who wish to be, or can even handle being, held to their own standards. But we should hold them to those standards and impeach Joe Biden.


When it was reported that Joe Biden had classified materials in his “office” at the University of Pennsylvania my first thought was wondering if Joe even knew where this “office” was. Joe likes to lie about having been a professor at Penn, but everyone not him knows that’s a pile garbage – the guy never taught one course, just hammered massive checks (from money we now know came from the Chinese communist government). But in the reality inside Biden’s vacuous head he wears a cape to work and women clamor to be shoved against a wall and violated or simply to have their hair sniffed. 

In the real world, we’ve spent the last year being lectured about the importance of handling classified materials. Even Adam Schiff, who you’d think makes his living leaking classified materials to the media from the House Intelligence Committee, and Eric Swalwell, the moronic, gaseous boob who fell for the Fang Fang communist Chinese honey trap even a blind man could see coming, had stern words for Trump’s actions. 

Now, curiously, they’re both silent over what Biden did. Not because they have been booted from the Intelligence Committee by Republicans (Democrats had no problem with leaking classified materials and were likely so shocked that anyone would sleep with Swalwell, even a spy, that they let it slide), but because they simply are not honest people, nor do they care all that much about protecting the interests of the United States. 


But we shouldn’t let it slide. We were told what Trump is alleged to have done is serious and a threat to national security. We don’t even know what was in the documents, but their very existence was a danger and something for which the former President should be prosecuted over. 

What Joe Biden did is significantly worse.

How? Simple: Donald Trump had the ability to declassify material, any material, as President. There’s no paperwork to fill out or permission to get, it was solely up to him. Biden was not President when he stole those documents, and the Vice-President has zero ability to declassify anything. So he literally stole classified material while it was classified. There’s no debate over the declassification process because the Vice-President IS NOT a part of that. Whether he did it out of malice, ignorance, or a desire to sell it to his Chinese masters is irrelevant. 

Joe Biden committed a crime, the manner of its commission only matters in the degree of charging. 

Biden was asked about this in Mexico this week and his answer was telling in many respects. 

First, the weak question was pathetic. That there was no follow-up at all, and the story nearly disappeared from “unbiased” news outlets is telling. 

Second, he was reading it. That means his team knew the question was coming, likely screened ahead of time, and they wrote out what they deemed to be the best answer. 


About that second point, I have some questions of my own. Here’s what Biden said, with my comments in parenthesis: 

“People know I take classified documents and classified information seriously. (Do we know this? He was the person who told the world SEAL Team 6 killed bin Laden, putting their lives and the lives of their families in danger.) When my lawyers were clearing out my office at the University of Pennsylvania, (Why were lawyers packing up an office if you didn’t think there was anything an intern shouldn’t see? Private lawyers or were we on the hook for these expensive movers? Also, why were they packing up the office now? He’s been President for 2 years.) they set up an office for me — a secure office in the Capitol, (His office was not “in the Capitol,” it was in an office building with no special security. The Capitol does not provide office space for anyone not currently in office. This is a straight-up lie. Also, a former VP does not get Secret Service protection for more than few months, so nothing was secure, at least in the manner classified material needs to be by law. And finally, Joe left office in January of 2017, but his “think tank” office didn’t open for more than a year; where were these documents during that time?) when I — the four years after being Vice President, I was a professor at Penn. (Joe Biden has never been a professor anywhere and never taught a single class. He was given an honorary title and an office to be used to pay him a ton of money and allow Penn to solicit Chinese donations, donations the communist government of China would want to make on the chance Joe would run for President – much like foreign government poured money into the Clinton “charities” thinking they could buy favor with her when she ran.) They found some documents in a box — you know, a locked cabinet, or at least a closet. (We don’t know, actually. And we have no idea of what the documents are or what they contain. But we do know that whatever “locks” there were, and we only have the words in this over-lawyered statement on the matter, they could easily be picked by anyone posing as a janitor.) And as soon as they did, they realized there were several classified documents in that box. And they did what they should have done: They immediately called the Archives — immediately called the Archives, turned them over to the Archives. And I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office. (He’s admitting he wildly mishandled classified material but is pleading stupidity as his only defense.) But I don’t know what’s in the documents. I’ve — my lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were. (Do his lawyers have the proper clearance to view these documents? If they do and that’s why they were sent to pack up the office, rather than some low-level staffer, that implies Joe suspected there might be something classified there. Otherwise, why send expensive lawyers with security clearances to pack up doodles and staplers? And why wouldn’t Joe ask what they were? He’s President, so he’s got the clearance. He also, presumably, has attorney-client privilege with these people, so what’s with the secrecy from himself?) I’ve turned over the boxes — they’ve turned over the boxes to the Archives. And we’re cooperating fully — cooperating fully with the review, and — which I hope will be finished soon, and will be more detail at that time.”


When caught and all other options have been eliminated, Joe Biden wants credit for doing the right thing. He’s as honest as he is a good father (at least 2 of 3 kids having serious issues with addictions and substances) or grandfather (won’t even acknowledge a grandchild of his junkie son’s because…did I mention he’s a horrible father?). 

This clear violation of our laws needs to be investigated and, since Democrats taught us how even a former President can be impeached, surely the same holds for a former Vice-President. Joe Biden needs to be impeached over this clear violation of our laws, this willful thwarting of our national security, and for the theft of government property. And upon conviction needs to be barred from holding any other office of trust in our government, thereby disqualifying him from the presidency. These are the rules Democrats set, surely they didn’t mean for the to only apply to Republicans, right?

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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