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Let me just say a heartfelt “thank you” to whoever the Democrat was who came up with the idea of spending almost $50 million in the Republican primaries to influence who our candidates would be. There was a good chance some squishy Mitt Romney-type “moderates” would win in those primaries, thanks to you we ended up with solid conservatives. Thank you very much.


I know it bothers you that Kari Lake ended up being the best candidate for any office across the country this cycle rather than the drooling Neanderthal you thought she was. Were it not for your meddling, she might not have won the nomination. Honestly, it’s a shame she’s up against Katie Hobbs for governor of Arizona. Hobbs is one of the worst, least charismatic life forms since the Pet Rock. 

On the other hand, Lake is a rock star. No other candidate has handled the media the way she has. Having been a long-time news anchor in the state, Kari knew how to handle that wing of the Democrat Party. Watching her field questions from reporters is like watching Mike Tyson in his prime – you almost feel sorry for the sucker in the ring with her. Then you listen to Katie Hobbs and you begin to regret not living in Arizona so Kari Lake can be your Governor.

However that election shakes out Tuesday, Kari Lake will be a force to be reckoned with in American politics for years to come. Were it not for Democrats – the very people she is steamrolling daily – we may not have ever known about her. Thank you, Democrats.

I grew up in Michigan and had never heard of Tudor Dixon until this year. In fairness, I hadn’t heard of the horrible Gretchen Whitmer before she blocked the purchase of gardening products and seeds, preventing Michiganders from being able to grow their own food during COVID lockdowns. Did I not have family there vouching for the accuracy of images on social media of the signs forbidding purchases and the barricades preventing entry to aisles with items Gretchen deemed unworthy of an allegedly free people’s free exercise of commerse I wouldn’t have believed it. 


That’s what Whitmer did to Michigan. You can see why Democrats wanted a say over who the Republican nominee was, you’re not really in an enviable position when your candidate is nicknamed “WHitler” by the people she’s oppressing. 

But Tudor Dixon wasn’t the doormat Democrats expected. She did her homework and, much to the chagrin of Whitmer, familiarized herself with Gretchen’s record, even if Gretchen didn’t. Tudor mopped the floor with Whitmer in their debate, changing the dynamic of the race. Will it be enough? Only time will tell. But Dixon will be a force in Michigan Republican politics going forward. Were it not for Democrats doing all they could to pick the opponent they thought would be the easiest to beat we might not know who she is. Thank you, Democrats. 

Then there’s New Hampshire. Current Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan is a nothingburger in the Senate. The “Live Free or Die” state seemingly chose “die” when they sent this lump to DC. Honestly, name something she’s known for without Googling it first. Or just try to picture her in your head. I bet you can’t. 

Running a non-entity with a pulse required Democrats to pick their opponent and they went with a retired Army General, Don Bolduc. Historians will have to discover what kind of drugs New Hampshire Democrats were on when they thought this would be a match-up in their favor, but the idea of painting someone who served our country honorably for 36 years as an extremist unworthy but I assume some of the fentanyl Democrats are allowing to flood across our southern border were involved. 


Somehow no Democrats seemed to think someone who’d spent their life in an organization based on discipline (at least before Democrats made it about pronouns and genital mutilation surgery) would be a good campaigner. God bless that person. We’ll know Tuesday how it ultimately plays out, but that Democrats are having to pour a ton of last minute money into a race they thought they’d had in the bag because they got the opponent they wanted and he’s pummeling them is a thing of beauty to watch.

Actually, they’ve had to pour huge piles of cash into all of these races, and more, leaving less to spend in on every other race. All because Democrats not only have no idea what appeals to Republicans, but also to pretty much everyone not a committed left-wing lunatic. I don’t know who the people who came up with this strategy were, but I’d like to buy each off them a beer. Actually, they’d likely drink some kind of “hard” cider or have a private stash of the last remaining Zima or something but whatever, the next round is on me. Losers. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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