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They say for a drunk to finally seek the help they have to hit bottom first. What happens when there is no bottom? For the left, there is no bottom. Every time it seems like they hit it, someone breaks out jackhammers and goes deeper. There is no bottom for them to hit because the pursuit of their agenda is the overriding feature of their lives, and like a junkie seeking their next hit, nothing is going to stand in their way. Not even common sense or decency when it comes to kids.


A school district in southern California had planned a “family-friendly” drag show for elementary school kids for Halloween. Why? There is no good reason. It takes a special kind of creep to think the thing missing from a child’s life is adult male genitals in their face as other adults cheer, but that kind of creep thrives on the left. 

There is no such thing as “family-friendly” sexualizing of children, nor is there a non-sexual drag show. That’s the point of the “show” part, otherwise, it would just be a dude standing around in dresses. What else are they going to do, give a TED Talk on economics while tucked back further than the bad memories from childhood likely still haunting them?

There’s something wrong with an adult who wants to be in any way sexual – grinding, gyrating, twerking – anywhere near a kid. The only thing an elementary school kid should have to do with sex is it is how they were made, any even tangential talk about it should lead to confusion and uncomfortable questions for their parents, not detention…or worse: a front-row seat.

Naturally, local Democrats scrambled to declare fealty to the Alphabet Mafia. Terra Lawson-Remer, the San Diego County Supervisor from District 3, proudly declared her support for penises shoved into the face of her 3-year-old. She didn’t say what gender her kid is, which likely means she has yet to convince it that it’s the opposite of reality. 


She did so from her official government Twitter account, which means this isn’t a belief she holds in her private life, but it’s the official policy for which she will use her government power to advocate. She wrote, “The parents in my home school district (Encinitas Union) protesting the Halloween Drag Show should be ashamed of themselves for pushing hate and intolerance on all of us. THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY HAS NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Trans kids: I see you, I love you, you ARE welcome here.”

She then continued, “And my 3 yr old and I WILL be at Boo Bash — "queerest free Halloween party for youth and families”! Hope to see y’all there!”

Her personal Twitter account is all pictures of her whining about abortion, gay pride events, and pimping other drag shows, while her campaign website says she’s a single mother. While I certainly understand why no one would stick around this woman very long, I hope at least the father cares about this kid. Someone has to. 

But that’s not the way the left works. Unaborted fetuses are fodder for the progressive army, or at a minimum, they’re “workers” in the factory making Brownshirts ensure they have enough.

If you tried to take your kid to a regular strip club, you’d be tossed out. It’s even likely that the police would be called on you because what the hell is wrong with you? But a drag show with the same choreography? You’ll win an award from the ACLU and a weekend show on MSNBC.


They’re your kid, why can’t you take them to a strip club? The only difference is alcohol is being served. But the odds of a 5-year-old being served a beer are pretty slim, so there must be something else. 

Yes, there is the law. But beyond that, I’d be willing to bet that the strippers would have a problem with it too. I doubt a 6th grader could get a topless lap dance from a woman, no matter how much money the father offered. The woman would be creeped out by the prospect, and rightly so. But ask yourself this: how many video clips of a young kid getting a lap dance or “tipping” some guy in a G-string have you seen news stories about? If the answer is more than zero, there’s a serious problem (and the answer is a lot more than zero, unfortunately). 

I don’t care how any adult lives their lives, it’s the libertarian part of me. They have to live with the consequences and explain themselves to God, not me. As long as who they do whatever with is old enough and willing, I couldn’t care less. You want to be a junkie, be a junkie. But if you steal to pay for your habit, I’m in favor of locking you up and tossing away the key. You want to be a drag queen, I could not care less. If you want to show your ass to a bunch of kids, I’m in favor of tying your cell’s key to the junkies. If you’re a government official using your power to promote or enable the sexualizing of children, no matter how loudly you insist it’s “all in good fun,” I’d like to see you professionally defeated and personally run out of town. 


And the parents who engage in this are the worst of all. If a man thrust his package into their face, they’d scream and/or hit them. Even if it were contained in underpants, the reaction would pretty much be the same. And they know what it is. Kids don’t. They just know that mommy, daddy, both or two of each took them to a place where a grown man in fishnets shoved his crotch in their face, so that must be OK, right? Their parents wouldn’t put them through something like that if it weren’t not only fine but perfectly normal or even preferred. After all, vegetarian parents aren’t taking their kids to steakhouses, right?

What does this do to the mind of a kid? In the future, it’ll likely mean they’ll have some serious problems with their parents, up to not talking to them anymore. In the short term, it means they’ve created confusion in a kid’s head that’ll last up until the kid’s body starts to change and introduce even more confusion and awkwardness thanks to puberty. 

Not to be too cynical, but now that having a “trans” kid is this year’s virtue signal winner for progressive chardonnay clubs' “coolest thing to have to happen,” that confusion is the currency on the left. And speaking of currency, there’s a lot of money in the butchering of children’s bodies, slicing off body parts isn’t cheap. But before this trend, there wasn’t a lot of business. Thanks to Democrats and the Alphabet Mafia, it’s becoming a volume business too. There’s a reason the Halloween Drag Show in San Diego was sponsored by a child-butchering “gender” clinic more than 500 miles away in San Francisco and it wasn’t a concern for kids.


Democrats truly are sick people.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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