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One thing Democrats in the media sure know how to do is beat a word to death, and they do so collectively. In 2000, when candidate George W. Bush announced his selection of Dick Cheney as his Vice-Presidential running mate, “gravitas” was the word of the day. There wasn’t a news outlet or reporter who didn’t spend the next week belching out “gravitas” to describe why Cheney was picked, with the implication being Bush was too stupid and needed someone smart on the ticket with him. Reporters uniformly used it to death without really ever having used it before – the hive mind does not need to be ordered, it just complies. 


When the focus is on Democrats, however, the negative connotations go away, even when the collective latch onto a word. In most cases, since they are unoriginal and not particularly bright, the word used by the media to discuss anything Democrats do and most things Democrats are is: historic!

Did you know that Barack Obama’s election was historic? Did you know his reelection was historic? Were you aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was historic? As was her term as First Lady, her election to the Senate, and her appointment to be Secretary of State? 

Technically, all of those things are historic – historic in that they happened and are a part of history. I’d also add I found them all to be historically bad, as in one of, if not the worst events in their respective categories. But that’s not how the Democrat Media Industrial Complex means them. The left uses the word to imply a sense of importance and success. The problem is there’s never any actual success accompanying it.

Kamala Harris, perhaps the only person in Washington, DC, who makes Joe Biden look popular, is “historic.” Not for that reason, at least not for that reason in the minds of the media, but because of her lineage and gender. 

The least interesting and relevant things about anyone – their skin color and which bathroom they use – is the most talked about aspect of Kamala’s existence. A normal person would be disgusted by this, insisting on being treated as an individual and not judged by their race, etc. But Harris brings nothing else to the table. She’s not particularly charming, she’s usually the only person in a room laughing at her own jokes, and listening to her speak on important issues is a form of torture outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. 


Harris slept her way into politics (I know, you’re not supposed to admit that, but it’s true) and has failed her way up ever since. 

When she got to the United State Senate she accomplished nothing. Look it up, saying that is being generous. So, after 20 minutes on the national stage and bolstered by constantly being referred to as “historic” because she’s a black/Indian woman, she decided to run for president. THAT actually was historic – historically bad. 

With tens of millions in free, glowing press, Harris crashed and burned before the first ballot was cast. A fact that befuddled the left-wing media which had spent a year being her personal fluffer.

Having proven herself wildly unpopular, even among Democrats, she was chosen to be Joe Biden’s running mate because she checked all the boxes he said he would check on his ticket – namely that she’s a minority woman. Both of those irrelevant characteristics, characteristics Democrats had roundly rejected, were the only reason she was chosen. Biden was going to carry California no matter what, and on a personal level, Kamala has all the charm of a snake bite on your private parts. But she’s “historic!” 

Now Biden is saddled with a VP who literally brings nothing to the table. The more the American public hears from her the less they like her, with good cause; she is terrible. Democrats are scrambling to change the subject from their failed policies and the inflation they’re causing and they won’t even send the Vice President out to speak on abortion, something that actually excites their base, because she’s so disliked (not just by the public but within the White House as well). Historic!


But that’s how Democrats are: Historic! 

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is “historic!” too! In a New York Times puff piece (naturally), the write, “The first Black and first openly gay press secretary was raised in an immigrant family with ‘so many secrets.’ Now she occupies one of the most scrutinized jobs in American politics.”

You have to laugh at the “one of the most scrutinized jobs in American politics” part because the piece itself, as well as the media collectively, has not scrutinized Jean-Pierre at all, focusing instead on her skin color, gender and sexual orientation. 

She lies every day, just as her predecessor did and her boss does, but she’s “Historic!” The very long piece unearths nothing interesting, nothing not known, and never goes near her history of claiming elections Democrats lost were “stolen.” No, that would be too much like journalism, and it might take away from the “historic” nature of her existence, or something.

Instead, we get this, “Her predecessor, Jen Psaki, became a star among liberals for her rarely ruffled demeanor and lively tussles with Fox News journalists. (She is headed to a new gig at MSNBC.) Ms. Jean-Pierre has so far shown a more informal style: less crisp than Ms. Psaki, but also disarming, laughing at herself when she stumbles over a word or two.”


Talk about “historic!” You know what else was “historic”? The Titanic and the Hindenburg. If you think of the use of the word on Democrats in that way – historically bad – it’s still overused, but at least it makes sense. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily nationally syndicated radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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