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It was the biggest story in the world…until it wasn’t. Remember Ukraine? Their war with Russia that has turned into a proxy war between us and Russia, for reasons no one can really explain was THE story just about 20 minutes ago. Now, it’s gone. Well, largely gone, though not from the lives of the people directly impacted, just from the US media. Why? Because, at the moment at least, it can’t help Democrats, and if the liberal elite media doesn’t think something can help Democrat it might as well not exist.


What was happening while the war in Ukraine was dominating the majority of cable news minutes and newspaper ink? Inflation numbers were skyrocketing and the supply chain disaster was adding to the problem. The last thing anyone in the “campaign consultant with a press pass” class wanted to do was talk about how things were for average Americans. The war was a great distraction.

Honestly, did you care about Ukraine before the invasion? Do you care about Ukraine now?  Your first answer is probably no, but it’s likely yes now. Why? Aside from human decency and not wanting to see people killed, you’ve been convinced that Ukraine matters to your daily life. That the war in Ukraine is at least adding to all sorts of problems worldwide. Weirdly, however, all those problems existed before Putin invaded Ukraine; all the invasion did was give Democrats something to blame their failures on.

Someone in the White House communication shop belched out “Putin’s Price Hike!” and it was game-on. Immediately a country everyone considered wildly corrupt (because it’s wildly corrupt) became the most important landmass that has ever existed because all of Joe Biden’s ills could blamed on the invasion of it.

We had no interest in Ukraine, none that really matter (unless your name is Hunter Biden). Before Joe Biden started damaging the US energy sector we had very little interest in Russia either. But scapegoats are very important to failed leaders and would be despots, so here we are. You can decide for yourself which Biden is.


Now, as if by magic, Ukraine matters significantly less. A leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court on abortion and – poof – the war takes a backseat. If the media and the White House could find a way to blame inflation on Sam Alito you might never hear of Ukraine again. 

As it stands, Democrats think they can abort their way through the midterms. And some Republicans think this court opinion, if it the results in it turn out to be accurate, will carry them over the finish line too. It won’t do either.

If you’re pro-life, odds are pretty high that you’re a Republican voter. If you’re pro-abortion, you’re likely a Democrat. That’s not uniform, but it’s pretty close. However, if abortion is THE ISSUE that moves your vote – meaning everything else be damned, you vote based on a candidate’s position on abortion – how you vote is how you vote, nothing is going to sway that.

Everyone has something that moves their vote, their top issue that at least gives them pause if their candidate waivers on. All the other issues are great, they add or detract from the enthusiasm, but they don’t move the needle like the issues that matter. If you vote based on pro-life only, meaning you either couldn’t or would have difficulty voting for someone who didn’t share your pro-life views but agreed with you on most everything else, your vote in November was already set. Same if you’re pro-abortion.


If you are an abortion voter, period, inflation probably bothers you but not enough to vote against the party creating it because they are with you on your top issue.

The leaked opinion might motivate a few people who weren’t already motivated, but it won’t be the difference maker in the fall as long as the economy remains has horrible as Biden and the Democrats have made it.

No amount of distraction will be able to distract people from noticing they’re paying almost twice as much for gas and meat. There isn’t a “hey hey, ho ho” chant that will magically put baby formula on the grocery shelves. And none of that has anything to do with Ukraine.

Oh, Ukraine will return. The idiots in this administration bragging about the use of American intelligence to take out Russian ships and kill high ranking Russian military commanders in the field will make sure of that. Of course, we used to do those things in other proxy wars, and our enemies knew it, we just had the good sense to not brag about it. But then you don’t have a President who makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill very often (thank God).

The Biden administration is puttering from one distraction to another, desperate to prevent you from thinking about what they’re actually doing and the consequences of those actions. Unfortunately, you get a stark reminder every time you fill your tank, every day when you buy food or baby formula, if you can find it. Putin is a lot of things, all of them horrible, but he didn’t do those things to you, Joe Biden and the Democrats did.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily nationally syndicated radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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