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I really can’t stand it anymore. I used to be able to ignore it, even laugh at how stupid it was, but I just can’t anymore. What leftist Democrats are doing to this country on the issues of race and gender are so disgusting that, honestly, I hate them. I don’t hate them in a “there’s an annoying rock in my shoe” kind of way, I despise them. I hate them in an “I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire” kind of way. This is, of course, what they want – they need those of us sane enough to see clearly what they’re doing to hate them, to advise them about taking a long walk off a short pier, so they can cry how “mean” and “intolerant” we are, but I don’t care anymore. And I want to tell you why.


Like I said, I never really gave these evil wastes of human flesh much concern, the Al Sharptons of the world were relegated to the fringes of society, having been exposed as a fraud and having a body count behind him. But somewhere along the line, Democrats – the party of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow – rebranded itself as “tolerant.” For a little while, they were. Or at least they pretended they were.

Most of my lifetime has been spent with the country not obsessing about skin color; people were actually judged by the content of their character. Not anymore.

I know progressives will tell you that was never the case, that the country is “fundamentally” flawed and racist to its core, but that’s simply not true. They’ll tell you that black families have to have “the talk” with their kids about how to behave with police officers to avoid something horrible happening, but my dad had the same talk with me – at night, turn on the interior light, keep your hands on the steering wheel, explain what you’re doing before you do it, if you have to open the glovebox, tell them why, etc. More police officers are killed in routine traffic stops than unarmed people of every race are by police every year, my dad instilled in me a respect for the officer and the event, and warned that it was just as much my responsibility to make it go smoothly as the cop’s (also, a well-placed “sir” improves your chances of getting a warning).

I spent my youth being followed by security in malls, as did my friends. It had nothing to do with skin color, it had everything to do with the fact that most shoplifters are young kids. If I’d been conditioned to see everything through the lens of race, I would have thought the country hated white people, I would have snapped “None of your f*cking business, this is America,” at the cop who asked me, “What are you doing driving around over here?” when I had my busted, garbage-filled Pontiac with 150k miles and more rust spots on it in wealthy Grosse Pointe visiting a girlfriend. I probably would have gotten my ass kicked, likely would’ve been arrested. 


Neither happened because I remembered what my dad told me and acted accordingly. 

Little did I know I was a victim of racism, or something.

I honestly couldn’t care less that Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the Supreme Court – she’s a leftist who won’t change the make-up of it, so it doesn’t matter. I won’t condemn anyone for the color of their skin, and I won’t celebrate them for it either. Accomplishments matter, and no one “accomplished” their race. 

Democrats, on the other hand, only see skin color and treat people differently based on it. What was once the very definition of racism is now their definition of tolerance. They segregate people in the name of celebrating diversity. Square that circle. 

Democrats never changed their objective, only their tactics. They obtained power through racial hatred in the past, they’re doing so now. Do these political leaders really hate people based on their race? Some do. I don’t think Joe Biden or Kamala Harris do, but Maxine Watters and AOC aren’t bright enough to get that it’s a marketing gimmick, not a way of life. 

Gayle King, the talentless hack who really only has a job because people hope to meet Oprah, could not contain her drool over Jackson’s confirmation, not because King knows thing one about her record, but because she’s a black woman. Same goes for Yamiche Alcindor, who cried about Rand Paul being late for the vote and blamed it on racism…because she blames everything on racism. (Fun quiz: name a story Yamiche has ever broken. You can’t because she sucks at her job.) 


In a just world, you would have heard of neither. In the country they and their fellow progressives claim the United States to be, they’d be unemployed and hungry. As it is, they are paid more than most anyone you know because they are useful idiots willing to lie to empower the Democrat establishment. 

Joe Biden, the king of useful idiots, continued his lifelong streak of saying anything to get and retain power told the nation that Jackson was somehow “courageous” for dodging questions about her record as a judge. The senile fool had a moment of lucidity long enough to engage his white savior complex and declare asking a black woman exclusively about her public record as a judge is worse than accusing a man of leading a gang-rape ring as a teenager without a single corroborating witness or piece of evidence. 

Biden and the others are trying to drag this country to hell. It will be a better world when they get there without us.

From an obsession with race to the compulsion to preach to children about their sex lives and gender dysphoria, the modern progressive left is every bit as evil as they were a century ago. They no long openly advocate for eugenics, but the objective of controlling and eliminating people they deem unworthy of life remains. I hate them, I really do. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not going to lie about it either. (If you really want to hear what I think about it in terms I can’t use here – or in polite society – check out my new podcast “The Week in F*cking Review: The News They Way It Deserves To Be Talked About.” New episodes every Saturday morning at 1 minute after midnight.)


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