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If Joe Rogan Is a Problem, Then Margaret Sullivan Is Much Worse

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AP Photo/Gregory Payan

You probably have no idea who Margaret Sullivan is, right? You’ve obviously never been to a cocktail party in Georgetown, loser. She knows who she is, and the people who “matter” in the media know who she is, and that’s all she and her ilk really care about. 

On top of being everything you’d expect someone with that attitude to be, Sullivan is an even creepier, gross person. Why? Because she’s the type of person who would exploit the death of a friend to score political points.

Sullivan wrote a column last week entitled, “I’m disgusted by Joe Rogan’s weak apology. My former colleague’s death at 47 makes it worse.” It is simultaneously one of the dumbest and most disgusting columns I’ve ever read.

Her ramblings were published before the left manufactured the N-word controversy against Rogan, this was strictly about Joe having thoughts on vaccines the fascistic left does not approve of.

Her beef starts, “What I didn’t hear from Rogan was any remorse that he might have done harm when he held forth about his own bogus belief that healthy young people don’t need to get vaccinated, or when he failed to challenge a guest who promised that the drug ivermectin would extinguish the virus altogether or when he allowed another guest to spout theories about how Americans are essentially being hypnotized about covid by the media…”

I told you it was stupid, didn’t I? 

The fact is young, healthy people don’t need to get the shot. Old, unhealthy people want them to get it because it makes the old and unhealthy feel better – the way one person doing something dumb feels better about it if a lot of other people join in. 

But none of the stupidity in that quote is the truly dumb part of Sullivan’s column.

“Worse, I heard no apologies to the people who took to heart what they heard, endangering themselves or their loved ones,” she continued. 

From there, it got personal. 

“Rogan’s non-apology made me furious. Probably because I’ve been spending a lot of time this week thinking about Miguel Rodriguez, a former colleague of mine, who died of covid last week,” she continues. 

What does a former colleague of Sullivan’s have to do with Joe Rogan? Nothing. Literally nothing. But doesn’t stop Sullivan from blaming Rogan for her friend’s death.

“Miggy,” as she called him, was unvaccinated. She wants that to be on Rogan. “I have no idea whether he had ever listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast, or what his precise reasons were for not being vaccinated,” she wrote. If you don’t know, why write it? The odds of a high school sports reporter for a newspaper in Buffalo, New York, being into Rogan’s podcast are slim. That man taking medical advice from that podcast host has even slimmer odds, since most 47-year-olds aren’t very impressionable.

Her friend was a 47-year-old black man who “was overweight and asthmatic; in other words, very much at risk.” 

I’m no doctor, but I think the parts in the quotation marks up there have more to do with his death than anything said on any podcast ever. 

Sullivan then recounts how she’s spent a lot of time on the phone with many of his co-workers and family, including his parents, since Miggy’s death. Honestly, where was she before?

Sullivan wants to use her friend’s death to make some cheap political point, but what she ends up doing is scoring those points on herself. If she cared so much about her friend, and she cared so much about people getting the shot, why didn’t she call Miggy beforehand? Why wasn’t she on his case the whole time about getting the shot? Someone with his medical and health situation is precisely who the shot benefits. 

But Sullivan can’t be bothered to think that way, just like she couldn’t be bothered to check on her “friend” while he was alive, when it could have done something positive for him. 

What’s gross is how Margaret Sullivan sees the death of someone she knows and claims to care about as an opportunity, a weapon she can use to make a cheap, disconnected point to push an agenda she wants advanced. Like I sad, gross.  


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