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There’s a joke in media about any story that involves the phrase “Florida man” because the stories that do are generally insane. Seriously, just do a quick search on it and see what comes up – it’ll be something crazy about a shopping cart, an alligator, meth, fighting a snake, or something else likely to play a role in the next Indiana Jones movie. But when it comes to how liberals talk about the Governor of the state, Trump Derangement Syndrome has a new variant, a deadlier one for which there is no treatment: DeSantis Insanity Disorder. 


If you watch CNN or MSNBC you know Governor Ron DeSantis is guilty of the unforgivable sin of being a conservative Republican. It’s one of the few things that leftists will condemn. You can engage in all manner of perversion, deny biology, even engage in political violence (as long as it’s against the “right” people) and you’ll be cheered, but come out against mummifying your child’s head as they go to school and you’re a monster. Support the idea that 9-year-old can choose their gender and should receive irreversible medical treatments based on those declarations and they’ll put your face on a mountain, think adults should be free to make an educated decision about what “vaccines” they put in their bodies and you’re history’s greatest monster. 

DeSantis and Florida, and more accurately Florida because of DeSantis, have been under attack since the beginning of the pandemic. Refusing to cave to the fear, the Governor had faith in the people of his state to know how best to take care of themselves. It’s a novel idea, one that would never fly on the left – that you tell the public everything and trust them to make their own decisions. 

Leftists never want that; an empowered public is a threat to the progressive agenda. Instead, you get talk of how Florida is a killing field, a wasteland of dead bodies and COVID infected zombies wandering the land as the Governor alternates between parties and dancing on the graves of the dead. 


If you watch CNN and MSNBC, both of which have substantial corporate footprints in New York, you’d never know New York has even one case of COVID, let alone that it’s leading the nation and setting records of the number of new cases. It’s all about the state I affectionately call the nation’s uvula. 

Why target Florida? Because Ron DeSantis is a threat. He’s Donald Trump without the personal baggage and significantly better political and personnel instincts. They need to destroy him the same way they need to destroy Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem – because compared to ANY Democrat, but especially the senile figurehead in the White House and his wildly unpopular, grating side-kick they’d easily crush any of them. 

Every Republican is a threat to the Democrats right now. Joe Biden is less popular than a kick to the head. Kamala Harris is less popular than that. Who else do they have? Nancy Pelosi is older than Joe and less engaging than Kamala. Chuck Schumer is the guy you hope doesn’t sit next to you on a plane. 

The Governors of the two biggest Democratic states are unparalleled disasters. California’s Gavin Newsom just faced a recall, and while he won it was largely because there was no popular alternative for voters. Another Democrat likely would’ve replaced him, had there been a viable one. And New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul wasn’t even elected, only assuming office after Andrew Cuomo had to resign in disgrace, and one of her first acts was to cancel elective surgeries.


If Biden and Harris go away, who comes next? There’s no one. So anyone who may consider standing up against them must be torn down. So anything that happens in Florida, for example, has to be hyped, even if it’s happening worse in a liberal state. COVID rates are higher in New York, but Florida is the story. COVID deaths are higher in New York, but Florida is the story. Florida is the story, no matter what. 

It’s pathetic when you see an outlet like CNN interviewing an insignificant Mayor in Florida about how he simply doesn’t like Ron DeSantis while their prime-time line-up in New York ignores what’s happening on their doorstep. But that also means they’re scared. It’s tempting to say we’re winning, but never spike the football on the 5-yard-line. But they are definitely scared.

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