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The Racist of NBC News

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Beauty is only skin deep, but in the case of the NBC News race-baiting host ironically named Joy Reid, every bit of her is ugly. She finds race everywhere, especially when it’s not there. It’s her brand, and hate is her medium – her sculptor’s clay. She works in racism the way Van Gogh used paints or Hunter Biden uses crack, it’s where she thrives and all she brings to the table. Inside and out, Reid is the worst person on cable news, and NBC News, which employs her, Comcast, which owns NBC Universal, and every Comcast customer pays her to do it.


In an era of “diversity officers” and other stupid, left-wing virtue signaling creations, Reid is an anomaly. Racism has always been tolerated by the left, Democrats having fostered it the entirety of that party’s existence. But it wasn’t always front and center, featured proudly on cable news, which should really drop the “news” part since none of the networks do anything but pay lip service to the concept. 

Now, if you’re a host on one of these former news networks, you have to wrap yourself in racial victimhood while engaging in everything you claim to decry. You have to burn the village in order to save it.

Reid has always been in the forefront of this, bringing nothing else to the table. Other hosts dabble, mostly, while still trying to pretend to be objective, mumbling the periodic, “As a journalist” line. Reid doesn’t bother, she knows her job.

Democrats need black faces telling black people they’d better stay in line; to learn and accept their place. The election of Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia illustrates why, with the Associated Press reporting the Republican won the Hispanic vote 55 to 43 percent over Democrat Terry McAuliffe. That leave only rich white people to fund their efforts and black voters as the only consistently reliable voters for the left, with McAuliffe winning the black vote 88 to 12 percent. 


You can see why the party would embrace someone as awful as Reid, with administration officials and Congressional leaders regularly appearing on her low rated show. It’s a waste of time if your goal is growing your base, it is essential if you’re afraid of losing more of your already dwindling support. So much of what airs on MSNBC and CNN is meant to keep people in line, to teach them their place. 

In the case of Reid, she is a prime wrangler for people running risk of thinking for themselves. The former blogger with a long history of homophobia and anti-Muslim posts now spends her time insisting others are destroyed because of what they say or how they look. She really is the worst of the worst. 

Having lied to her audience about her old blog being hacked, even though it has been proven it wasn’t, that should have been cause to fire her. MSNBC barely batted an eye. Lying is not only a virtue to the left now, the ability to do so consistently and in perpetuity on any number of issues is a requirement. Rather than damaging her credibility, Reid proved her worthiness. 

Now, pretty much everything she says on her show is about race. Her race and how she’s oppressed, or how white people are the root of all the problems in the world. If Louis Farrakhan started a TV network, Joy would not only be his top recruit, she’d likely be hired as its president. 


On the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Reid said, “This feels like those cases in the 1950s where it was in and out, in and out. Some white male killed someone and they were in and out fast and acquitted, that’s how it feels,” white the jury was deliberating. No decision reached, but to chunky Hitler it’s just like it’s already over. Her guest, knowing what is expected on her show, pulled the “If Kyle Rittenhouse were black he’d be dead” card. Of course, if Kyle and his victims were black, Reid and all of MSNBC wouldn’t give a damn. Three people shot, two fatally, is a day that ends in “Y” in Chicago, and none of these “woke” leftists ever talk about it. They don’t care. 

Joy Reid’s job is to make even the idea of straying from the herd of liberalism so unacceptable, make the consequences so terrible, that no one dare do so (at least publicly). She’s a sheep herder, well-paid but nothing more than someone ready to whip anyone who gets out of line. 

Either that, or she’s just an idiot educated well beyond her intelligence and if you’re a Comcast customer, or you patronize her sponsors, you’re subsidizing it. 

This week, while trying to compare Rittenhouse crying on the stand to Brett Kavanaugh breaking down during his confirmation hearing, Reid called Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh “high school friends.” You’d think someone smart would know they didn’t go to high school together, and you’d think someone who follows the news would know that there is literally not a single human being other than Ford herself, who will say the two ever met, let alone attended a party together. Moreover, even Ford’s best friend denied they’d ever met or such a party happened.


That leaves you with only 2 choices: is Joy Reid stupid or a liar? The answer is yes. 

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