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Rare is it that I agree with Democrats, but on their assessment of the current Vice President, I am in full agreement. I use the word “current” because the way things are going with Kamala Harris, you can’t be sure she’ll be around in 2024, let alone next week. Because, it turns out, everyone hates Kamala.


I’m right there with them, she’s simply awful. But my reasons are significantly different from why so many Democrats seem to have the long knives out for her. Either way, I’ll take it and enjoy watching it happen.

It can’t come as a surprise to anyone, Harris was one of the all-time worst candidates for president ever. Showered with praise and glowing media coverage because she’s A) a Democrat, B) a woman, and C) a black and Asian woman; she got more in free media coverage than many of the other Democrats could afford to buy. And she squandered every bit of it, and faster than anyone could have imagined.

Kamala was forced to drop out in December of 2019, a month before anyone even had a chance to vote. Democrats, having had months to look at her, consider her, listen to her, ask her questions and hear her answers, collectively took a pass. It was humiliating. 

Were she not who she is, she wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did. Because of how she is – one of the least genuine people in politics – she couldn’t survive. 

Why the Biden campaign chose her is as obvious at it is pathetic, and should be wildly offensive to her. Joe’s casual sexism led to a pledge that he’d pick a woman, his unabashed racism narrowed the field to Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Since Warren, herself wildly disingenuous, only pretended to be a Native American, they went with Harris. Her lack of ability to connect with audiences didn’t matter since there were no audiences to connect with in the 2020 campaign. 


She checked boxes, boxes Democrats are obsessed with. That was all that mattered. 

The problem for Harris is that when they won, she had to actually do something. She could have assumed the former role of a vice president, which is not much of anything. But what Harris lacks in ability she more than makes up for with ambition – she wanted issues in which to plant her flag.

To the credit, if you care about such things, the Biden White House gave her what someone in her position would want – issues that matter; that get attention. She was the lead on immigration. Were she not hamstrung by the left-wing, open borders ideology of Democrats, she could have easily gotten a handle on the mess down there and restored order. But the base of the Democrats don’t want order, so the mess got worse and made her look really bad. 

She wasn’t innocent herself, no one forced her to spew that “I haven’t been to Europe either” line when asked if she’d go to the border. But she didn’t ever bother trying to secure it, just ran away hoping people would stop talking about it. People didn’t because the illegals didn’t stop coming.

Everything Harris touched became her campaign – it got worse. With all of it, her popularity slid. She’s one of those rare politicians that people like the abstract but can’t stand in the flesh. She’s simply a grating personality, fake as the day is long. 


Even though it seems impossible, she’s less popular than Joe Biden is, and Joe Biden is wildly unpopular right now. She’s an anchor on the White House. Naturally, Biden loyalists are trying to distance her from them, and her people are returning the favor.

Pieces suddenly started appearing about how Harris is “frustrated” with what she’d been given as VP. They seem less concerned with how she’s failed at what she’s been given, but what do you expect? 

Other Democrats, those with an eye on 2024 who’d normally defer to the current VP should the President decide not to run, aren’t. They don’t like her any more than anyone else. What’s worse for her, they don’t respect her either. As this Politico report illustrates, she might as well not exist; the vultures have already picked the bones clean.

This doesn’t happen to politicians who’ve accomplished things, or even to likeable ones. This is happening to Kamala Harris because she hasn’t accomplished anything in office, either as VP or before, and she’s not even remotely likeable. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter


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