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Empathy is an important human emotion, but sometimes people keep repeating the same stupid mistakes that make it nearly impossible to continue to give a damn about them. Someone suffering severe headaches, for example, can cause a serious empathetic response from people, but that goes away quickly, and likely forever, if you discover that person continually hits themselves in the head with two-by-four. There comes a certain point when any emotion – empathy, sympathy, whatever – becomes counterproductive. When it comes to Democrat voter groups, I’m long past that point.

The odds of you knowing someone who is or was self-destructive are pretty high. I’ve known plenty – people who drink too much, someone who smokes too much, steals, cheats, whatever – hell, I’ve been many of those things when I was younger too. People grow out of it or become consumed by it, very few maintain it throughout their lives. But sometimes, it’s a mentality passed on from generation to generation. That’s how I view people who vote for Democrats in major cities across the country. 

In college, I lived in Dearborn, Michigan. Where I lived was represented in Congress by John Dingell. He represented the district since the Earth cooled. First elected in 1955, he finally retired in 2015. Before him, that district was represented by John Dingell Sr., from 1933 till 1955. Upon Dingell Jr.’s retirement, the district was represented by Debbie Dingell, John’s widow. When John Jr. was contemplating retirement, all the talk was about who would replace him: his wife, or his son Christopher, because all that matters is that last name, not ability, character, anything. So when Debbie leaves…

Some of the district isn’t bad, some of it is. But in all of it you can see the remnants of what once was, back when Detroit was the economic engine of the country. Democrats had power in the region that whole time, having a monopoly on the Mayor’s office starting in January 1962. The shell of what remains should serve as a reminder of the failures of unfettered liberal policies, and maybe it does…but it hasn’t made a difference in anyone’s voting habits.

No level of crime, no spike in violence or depth of economic depression has shaken the loyalties of Detroit voters from their Democrat masters. The complete and generational failure of the education system hasn’t done a damn thing either. Nothing will.

It’s not just Detroit, where beautiful skyscrapers sit empty, vacant and rotting, where this loyalty exists. Name a major city and you find the same thing. You’d be hard-pressed to walk a mile in San Francisco without stepping on half a dozen used syringes and in several dozen piles of human waste, yet not a single elected Democrat in the city fear anyone taking their job outside of the rare primary challenge. 

Prosecutors are elected across the country on the promise that they will not enforce most of the laws on the books, expressly not the job of a prosecutor, yet they will win reelection easily. In Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner has overseen a massive spike in crime, particularly violent crime, and he just won his primary in a walk. 

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia City Council just voted to “ban” pretty much all traffic stops, short of running over pedestrians. Why? In the name of “racial justice,” of course. 

As these cities continue to fall apart, teetering on collapse, it’s tempting to feel badly for the residents. I don’t. I used to, I just can’t anymore. 

They vote for this, they elect these idiots who implement these asinine plans and policies. New York City was once like them, and is well on its way to being again. But in between, there was a respite; an anomaly where things were turned around. It was the election of a Republican, Rudy Giuliani, that turned the city around. You’d think other cities and states would learn from this, but you’d be wrong. 

Virginia has the chance to elect a Republican next month, but they’ll likely return a Democrat hack to the Governor’s mansion. They’re relatively insulated from the economic damage of other liberal states because the federal government funds so many of its residents, but the suffering of those people in non-economic ways will continue and grow. The school system, for example, will continue to make sure students are well-versed in proper pronoun use, even if they suck at reading and math. 

I don’t care anymore. When someone punches a wall and breaks their hand, as I’ve done, you don’t feel sorry for them because they stupidly did it to themselves. When someone’s neighborhood deteriorates or crime spikes as property values collapse, remember they voted for it. As long as they do that, who gives a damn how much suffering they inflict on themselves?  

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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