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Thank You, Now You’re Fired

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They were the best of us, way better than any of the rest of us, by a lot according to the media and Democrats. I’m talking, of course, about the frontline workers who kept us safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. But yesterday’s heroes are today’s history’s greatest monsters…which is what the left is now saying about those they wept at the thought of just one year ago.


That opinions of people change over time is no surprise, Democrats are in the process of purging their own history of all the despots, racists, slave owners, rapists, sexual assaulters, misogynists, homophobes, etc. Weird how the party of “tolerance” has a history littered almost exclusively with people they now rip down statues of because they existed wrong, while they simultaneously defend and push to implement further the policies of those very same people. 

That disconnect is for a different day, this is about changing opinions of people praised by Democrats just last year, not those who inspired them their whole lives until they became a political liability. Doctors and nurses are now in the crosshairs of the left, at least those who haven’t been vaccinated.

The choice to get vaccinated or not is, like every other medical decision, a personal one. But the left wants it public, which isn’t really surprising from the people who champion “shout your abortion,” but is odd from the people who have declared it to be just short of a hate crime to ask a man who insists he’s a woman whether or not he’s had any parts removed. 

Putting all that aside, last year doctors and nurses were cheered, not only in public but from the privacy of people’s homes – remember when cities erupted with applause at 7:00 pm for them? The cheers are gone for anywhere between 20-40 percent of health care professionals who have not “gotten the jab,” for whatever reason.


Many medical professionals have had COVID-19, which means their bodies are likely lousy with antibodies. With that fact in mind, they know they don’t necessarily need the shot, at least not yet. We don’t know how long the immunity boost from the shot last, nor do we know how long the protection from natural infection lasts, but we do know both are real and one is likely better than the other.

Since the government has no ability for nuance, they don’t take natural immunity into account. Nor can the government take into account the fact that some people simply aren’t interested in getting the shot, no matter what. Some of them are irrational people who believe fluoride in the drinking water is a communist conspiracy to control minds, but the vast majority are sane, rational people who’ve looked at the low mortality rate and calculated their age and suspected co-morbidities and decided they simply don’t want to get it. They believe their immune system can handle it. Can it? The data shows they probably can, no one really knows unless and until they catch it. 

As adults, as Americans, that’s their right – they can do what they want with their bodies, or at least that was the mantra from the left until a few months ago. Right around the time the cheers for doctors and nurses died down, so did the left’s enthusiasm an individual American’s right to assert domain over their own physical being. Weird, right?


Now those former heroes are being fired across the country for acting in a way they have each determined is in their own best interest. “Thanks a lot, now you’re fired.” 

New York state is so vindictive, but likely not alone, that they’ve even moved to block unemployment benefits for the people they’re about to fire. The welcome mat is laid out for illegal aliens, who aren’t tested or vaccinated by the Biden administration as a matter of policy, but American heroes of just last year are cast aside as undesirable monsters trying to kill us all. There hasn’t been a fall from favor like this on the left since Democrats pretended to care about women and sexual assault during #MeToo and they mildly criticized Bill Clinton for a while. 

That “disgust” with Clinton passed as soon as it stopped being useful, the animus toward the unvaccinated likely won’t as Democrats appear to be positioning themselves around COVID powers for the foreseeable future. Clinton gets a joint appearance with the Vice President, disobedient doctors and nurses get segments comparing them to Nazis on MSNBC and CNN. That’s gratitude to the left – they love as long as they can use you, and not a second longer. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.  

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