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That headline might be a little provocative, but it’s true. Not that Joe Biden is roaming the streets infecting people with COVID 19, but his policies on everything from messaging to the southern border are his direct responsibility and they’re hurting and killing Americans. 


When it comes to messaging, this White House has taken the approach Democrats in Congress have employed for years, and one at which the administration of Barack Obama excelled – being a complete jackass. That’s about as polite as I can put it, and not the word I would use were it up to me. I would choose the nickname for Richard, but only because it’s accurate. 

So, how is the President of the United States responsible for the deaths of Americans during a pandemic? 

First is the messaging on vaccines. I don’t know where you stand I vaccines, nor do I care. I’m not responsible for you, and I’m not about to tell other adults how to live their lives because I’m not about to let someone else tell me how to live mine. But the argument coming from the White House is one telling people, “Either you get the shot or you’re (insert your favorite obscenity here) who is responsible for killing everyone.” Ok, maybe they’re not quite that melodramatic, by it’s pretty close. 

People who haven’t been vaccinated are the current incarnation of Hitler, now that Donald Trump has left the national stage, according to liberals. That’s the extent of their argument on the subject – you’re a moron, just obey. Sorry, but there are people in this country, and thank God there are, who will not obey government simply because they’re told to. Sadly, there are a lot who will, but just as many who won’t. 


People have questions, legitimate questions, and the people theoretically charged with answering those questions are spending their time in a left-wing echo chamber calling those people idiots. Tony Fauci isn’t making an argument, he’s badgering people to conform. People aren’t about to allow their bodies to be injected with experimental fluids without, at a minimum, their questions being addressed. There isn’t a liberal interested in doing that.

The White House should send out Fauci, Rochelle Walensky (head of the CDC), and a couple of others to do a 2-hour long town hall, probably on Fox, with a couple of harmless anchors (not confrontational prime time hosts) and a room full of vaccine refusers and have a conversation with them. Yelling, “Do what I tell you to do!” will not move the needle, or move needles. I have questions myself, I see no one answering them. It would be nice to.

That being said, it’s rather difficult to take anyone in this government seriously on the subject of COVID when they’ve swung open the southern border with zero concern for the pandemic.

In December of last year I wrote, “Democrats Have to Choose Between Ending the Pandemic and Open Borders,” making the case that you can’t stop the spread of a virus in the United States while importing infected people from third world hellholes. I said Democrats had to choose whether they wanted more illegals or to protect the lives of Americans. They’ve made their choice – they want more future Democrats; current Americans be damned. 


Coming into the country legally is very difficult, if not impossible, depending upon where you’re coming from. Just last week, this White House told Cubans fleeing oppression to go somewhere else, believe it or not. But someone illiterate in their own language, obviously incapable of communicating in English, is welcomed with open arms at the southern border, provided they throw a fit and demand entry. No worry about the virus, they’re just herded into pens, breathing everyone else’s air, are offered a vaccine (which at least a third refuse), and then are released into the country with only a pinky-swear that they’ll show up in court in a few years (which they do not).

How many Americans have been infected and died because an illegal alien gave them COVID? How did the “delta variant” get into the country? Probably not a direct flight from India, it most likely marched across the Rio Grande and was eagerly greeted by the Biden administration with 3 hot meals a day and plane ticket to wherever it wanted to go. 

You don’t get to lecture the American public about “acting recklessly” by not being vaccinated while remaining silent on the world’s dumbest game of Red Rover the Biden administration is playing on the Mexican border. 

No, the blood of anyone who dies after being infected by an illegal alien is squarely on the hands of Joe Biden. His refusal to protect Americans because he wants to play the Democrat game of identity politics will never be washed off; its borderline treason. With that in mind, maybe the headline isn’t provocative, maybe it’s too soft? 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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