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Oh, Just Shut Up Already, Dr. Fauci

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I’m in one of those moods where I wish there weren’t editors or language standards, because there are quite a few leftists I’d really like to encourage to go “make love” to themselves and end it in an unpleasant way. Since this is a column and not a book, and there are editors and language standards, I’ll limit my fire to just one, Dr. Anthony Fauci, save the rest for later, temper my language a bit and make expeditious use of the thesaurus. Needless to say, I view him as the epicenter of a rear-end and truly one of the most destructive creatures swimming in the swamp of Washington.


Anthony Fauci is just awful. The highest-paid person in the federal government “became famous” for working on an AIDS vaccine. If you haven’t noticed, we don’t have an AIDS vaccine. Which means he’s known for failing.

I don’t blame him for that, viruses are tough to treat or defeat. I do blame him for everything else.

Growing up, I was told AIDS was going to kill us all, that everyone could get it easily if we didn’t wrap ourselves in latex. That was a lie, AIDS is rather difficult to get outside of very specific transmission methods. They lied to everyone to avoid stigmatizing people. A “noble lie,” or so they thought. But that lie led to a lot of distrust of “experts.”

Fauci, in on that lie (maybe one of its architects), stuck to his old game plan with COVID. No masks, double mask, triple mask, socially distance, it can get in your eyes, surfaces need to be scrubbed, packages boiled in oil, mail dipped in acid, etc. Scare people into submission, then change everything whenever it’s convenient and deny you ever said otherwise. He could have simply told the truth and said, “We don’t know, it’s too new to know anything,” but that wouldn’t have set him at the center of the biggest story in a generation and how would that add a zero to his future book deals?


Essentially a mid-level bureaucrat, every time he’s asked basic questions he makes Bill Clinton sound like an honest, devoted husband. After months of insisting everyone wear a mask because of the science, and with no new science to back it up, he and his team simply waived them when things started to look bad for President Biden.

I support the idea, mostly because masks have never worked, I just question the timing. Nothing has changed, no milestone reached, no breakthrough achieved, just a bad news week for a doddering old President unable to read a coherent sentence off a teleprompter, no matter how much time he’s had to rehearse it.

The number of new cases is no different than they were in September, when they were on a downward trajectory as well, though not from such a high. They were this low then without a single vaccine, let alone three, and without more than 100 million Americans fully vaccinated. So why the change? Politics, the one area of mid-level bureaucracy at which Anthony Fauci excels. The election was ahead in September, not behind. That’s the difference, not “science.”

And Fauci was right there, a willing participant providing cover for it all.


If there’s one skill every bureaucrat has it’s justifying their jobs by never really doing anything that isn’t pre-approved by their bosses. It tends to be tortured, generally a bovine’s post-digested dinner, but they toss large word salads where nothing is said. Any watching of Fauci being questioned by Senator Rand Paul would blow enough smoke up a person’s rear end that they run a serious risk of colon cancer.

So, it’s not surprising that everything he’s said to this point was wiped aside when politically needed by his masters, not when the people were desperate for it.

He either doesn’t care about the people, views us as lab rats or children in need of protection only he can provide, or has an ego so large it has a gravitational pull and an insatiable appetite. Neither option is good, but nothing else explains why a man would embrace whatever side of an issue was convenient at any given moment. You can’t say he’s wrong, necessarily, because he’s been on all sides of everything at one point or another.

Now the mask mandates are gone, as are the lockdowns. It’s time for him to recede back into the bureaucratic ooze from which he emerged. Write his books, hammer his checks, give his speeches, and finally, mercifully, shut the hell up for once.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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