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I have no idea what happened in the election, and neither does anyone else. They really don’t. Projections are great, if you’re interested in what someone says the future will be like. Just remember the people who’d made predictions 70 years ago saw a world with flying cars, not a political party seeking to do away with them. So they’re about as useful as any lottery tickets you have in your garbage can. Yet, the fate of the presidency is resting on them because…?


Let me say at the outset that I’m not a dead-ender. It sure looks bad for the president. But even that “bad” ended up one hell of a lot closer than anyone whose job it is to be an expert on these things even dared dream it would be. Actually, “feared” would probably be a better word than “bad” considering how emotional the left is over elections. 

But no one honest, and there aren’t many honest people left in politics, can look at what happened on election night and not realize there are a lot of questions that should be asked and answered before anyone can confidently claim victory. 

First, if Democrats have nothing to hide, why are they hiding things? Observers removed from counting centers seems like a big deal, especially in areas where Democrats dominate and, miraculously, had record Democrat turnout levels in heavily minority areas for an old, rich white guy who barely bothered to campaign. Seems unlikely that Joe Biden would inspire more black voters to vote than Barack Obama did, doesn’t it? Might be worth looking into, if only to know how it happened. Maybe the key to the black vote in select cities is having a history of racist comments while picking a VP running mate who, with the help of the only major legislative victory of Biden’s 47-year career, put more black men in prison than most countries. That goes against all common sense, but you never know.


Second, why were only Republican poll watchers removed from counting rooms? Have you seen any stories from Republican-controlled areas of liberals getting the boot? Were there any places controlled by Republicans where turnout was well beyond normal? These curiosities seem to have only occurred where Democrats run the show. What are the odds?

Next, we have to ask how it is possible so many people have signed sworn affidavits saying they witnessed fraud. These aren’t Democrats who are part of the D.C. elite, thereby exempt from perjury laws, these are real people who a Biden Justice Department, not to mention their enforcement wing in the media, would happily destroy. Peter Strzok, James Comey, John Brennan, etc., have no such concerns and can lie to Congress with impunity. 

A few more curiosities I’d like to see addressed before all this is over.

Where were the stories of massive lines in Wisconsin? If they had between 80 to 90 percent turnout, shouldn’t there have been some long waits somewhere? Yes, a lot may have voted by mail, but even with that there would be lines.

Why is it that black voters in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit didn’t “fall” for Trump when he doubled his percent of the black vote elsewhere? 

Finally, and most importantly, why doesn’t anyone in journalism care? I get that they’ll never embrace the idea that the election was stolen, but why not investigate in order to discredit the idea? If they’re so sure fraud played no role, expose it and bestow on Joe Biden a legitimacy he otherwise won’t have. It’d be a lot more effective than simply being angry about it and attacking anyone who asks questions, wouldn’t it? 


That the left isn’t at all interested in rooting out voter fraud, even if there wasn’t enough of it to impact the results, is telling. Democrats benefit from it. There is no “Republican machine” manufacturing votes in deep red areas, but the dead voting in Chicago has been a joke since long before I was born. Why is that accepted anywhere? 

Why do Democrats accept fraudulent votes being cast in areas they control? They claim to oppose voter ID laws because, they say, it would disenfranchise black voters (which is condescendingly racist, thinking black people are incapable of getting a photo ID), but how many black voters are disenfranchised by having their votes cancelled by fraudulent votes? 

The answer to this question we already know: Democrats feel entitled to, and think they own, the black vote. The only black voters, in their eyes, who are disenfranchised are those to dare vote Republican, from president on down to city council, and they are wrong to have done so. Democrats view voter fraud as righting a wrong, a glitch in the matrix caused by that annoying free will. 

Why wouldn’t they do any of this when it’s always worked and we’ve collectively made it a punchline as a nation rather than rooting it out? 

No matter what happens in this election, the final decision can’t be the final word on voter fraud. In politics, there are no finish lines, only checkpoints. This is a checkpoint, and a gut-check. Either we keep fighting, and fight harder, or we might as well get out of the race. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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