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Every single day, as if trying to out-stupid each other, some left-winger says or does something so ridiculous it sets a new standard for crazy. Whether elected or under the banner of “journalism,” these people seem incapable of wishing their fellow Americans or the country anything good. They are actively, either consciously or not, working against the United States for reasons ranging from incompetence to the hatred of President Donald Trump. None of the options are good, but no other conclusion can be drawn.


A week or so ago, or a lifetime ago in fake liberal outrages and isolation time, PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was cheered as a hero by her fellow reporters for “taking on” President Trump at the coronavirus task force briefing over something only other liberals and left-wing reporters care about. Not because it’s her job, it’s not (it is not), but because it’s her calling; it’s all of their calling.

On Friday, Yamiche was at it again. After Surgeon General Jerome Adams made a plea to African-Americans to avoid smoking, drinking, and drugs because they are bearing a large part of the brunt of the pandemic due to a propensity to have the preexisting conditions that exacerbate the effects of the virus, Alcindor was ready to be offended.

From the briefing room, during the briefing, Yamiche took to her Twitter account to tweet that Adams “says black, Latino & other people of color should 'avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs.' 'We need you to step up,' he says. Some will find this language offensive after Adams stressed that behavior was not the issue for why more black ppl are dying."

First off, a higher percentage of black people are dying from coronavirus, due to preexisting conditions. The vices SG Adams listed make that worse. Why the hell wouldn’t he encourage people to quit? Does Yamiche think they’re good things? 


Three minutes later, Yamiche tweeted again. “Jerome Adams, U.S. Surgeon General, tells black people, Latinos and other ppl of color to avoid alcohol and drugs and adds: 'Do it for your abuela, do it for your grandaddy, do it for your Big Mama, do it for your pop pop.' Context: Many found this language highly offensive,” she said.

Who were these “many”? How did she know and why would she care? Are journalists supposed to actively seek offense on behalf of people they assume to exist? 

Minutes later, Alcindor, in a statement masquerading as a question, said, “There are some people online who are already offended by that language…” Who were these “some people”? She didn’t say, nor did she retweet them. If they exist, she was clearly following them. 

Weirdly, someone so tuned in to social media while in the midst of a presidential press briefing, never commented on the trending topic later in the day which sprang from her question: “Uncle Tom.” Attacks on Adams inspired by her didn’t seem to bother her, yet the Surgeon General of the United States giving advice to people that could save their lives, virus or not, did. She spent the rest of the day retweeting other liberals commenting on her stupid question. Disgusting. 

Yamiche isn’t the only idiot in the press corps, of course. Too many qualify for that title, but few wear it as proudly as Jim Acosta. 


A White House correspondent is expected to build contacts and break stories through them, but can you name one story Acosta has broken? (Or Alcindor, for that matter?) Yet, there he sits, arguing with the president like he’s running against him.

When not parroting Democratic Party talking points, Acosta is left to his own thoughts, proving the old adage that you shouldn’t work without tools. “We hear from a lot of people who see these briefings as sort of ‘happy talk’ briefings,” he said to the President Friday and was rightly chewed out for it.

You have to look at these people and wonder what the hell is wrong with them. Thousands of people are hospitalized, dying, the economy is in ruins, and they’re playing these stupid games like it’s just another day. Can they really be this dumb? Or do they value their politics over human lives and the wellbeing of this country?

The answer is yes, to either question.

Democratic incompetence cost lives in New York City, actively encouraging people to ride public transportation, attend parades, and patronize restaurants in the middle of a pandemic to show up the president. Democratic incompetence has people arrested for being alone in the ocean in California and banned the sale of vegetable seeds and car seats for babies in Michigan. Democratic incompetence has people attending drive-in church services harassed by law enforcement across the country. None of this registers with these journalistic drones. It’s “Orange Man Bad” or nothing. 


So when you ask yourself what the hell is wrong with these people, deep down we already know. To progressives, individuals have always been disposable, whether it’s one, several thousand, or 100 million like in the last century. They likely don’t even recognize it in themselves anymore, but we can’t lose sight of it. Because if this is how they behave out of power, imagine what they’d do with it. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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