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There’s a joke that’s been going around on social media for a while now. It’s pretty basic and based in truth, as all good comedy is. Whenever a Democrat, in politics or journalism, says something insane, someone inevitably responds with, “All they have to do is not be crazy…”

The implication of the joke is Democrats have all the advantages heading into 2020 and a media willing to lie on their behalf about anything, all they have to do is behave rationally to take full advantage of all their advantages…they just can’t. They don’t have “sane” in them anymore.

Whether a couple of the candidates are capable of sanity or not is an open question, what’s clear is there’s no yardage to be gained from sanity in the Democratic primary. Each candidate has consistently been trying to out-crazy the other on every policy issue. So whether they’re actually crazy or just acting that way doesn’t matter much. The party has been overtaken by its fringe.

From plans to “forgive” more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt to plans to take over the entire health care system for anywhere between $30 and $50 trillion, they’ve promised to spend multiples of all the money on the planet all in an attempt to placate a spun-up mob they created to torment Republicans.

Yes, the liberal mob was created to be a plague on conservatives, to shout us down, to chase us out of the public square, to intimidate anyone insufficiently “progressive” into silence or conformity. But Frankenstein’s monster always returns to the castle to destroy it.

Appealing to these people has turned the primary into the “Woke Olympics.” But by the rules of purity and conformity they’ve set, none of the candidates can measure up.

They’ve been going after Joe Biden for any number of things he’s said over his 800-year career, never warming to the former Vice President. It would upset him if he were aware of his surroundings.

Bernie Sanders should be their God – it’s his image in which they are made – but he’s old and white, two of the worst things anyone can be.

Mayor Pete is coming on strong, but he’s white too. On top of that sin, his police force in South Bend has a race problem. When he was on the outs the controversy faded, as he returns to contention his lack of any coherent answer on the subject will as well.

Cory Booker is such a dud – Barack Obama 2.0 with none of the personal charm – it’s hard to imagine him even voting for himself.

Amy Klobuchar made a play for the moderates in the party by offering watered-down crazy, only to discover there aren’t any moderates.  

Andrew Yang tried to buy everyone’s vote for $1,000 per month, but much like applying for entrance to Harvard, being Asian is a handicap in race-obsessed Democratic Party politics.

Kamala Harris had it all, at least on paper. A black woman running in the Democratic Party? That’s gold. Her biggest problem would have been her biggest asset in any other year – her background in law enforcement. As crazy as it seems, protecting people from criminals by upholding the law is now a liability on the left, as is the concept of enforcing the law itself.

And Beto? He’s out now, but he was never really in. The best concept in the race, according to media sycophants, in their glowing assessments of his Senate run last year they apparently didn’t notice just how awful of a public speaker he was, or how dumb. The further down in the polls he fell, and the more millions he burned through, the more “woke” he tried to become. He got to the point of promising free everything he wasn’t trying to ban. But he’s a rich white guy with an IQ roughly that of his shoe size. The lesson of his campaign is journalists only get one vote each, and there aren’t enough of them to carry anyone over the finish line.

Beto has fallen, but those who remain will continue trying to keep the mob at bay, to misdirect its rage elsewhere with empty promises. For one of them, it will work.

One of the 78 candidates who falls out of the clown car primary is going to be their nominee. Whoever it ends up being will try to claw their way back toward the political middle, try to resemble something remotely close to sane. But it’s too late. Once you promise people the Sun, the Moon, and the stars how do you take it back? Once you call everyone, and the country itself, racist, selfish, and greedy, voting for that is like dating someone with a long history of abuse – OJ may take you to nice restaurants, but he could always end up cutting your head off.

All one of them had to do was act sane for a little while, be a rational adult for extended periods of time, to have a shot, and none of them had it in them. President Trump has always been blessed by the unlikeability of his opponents. Having Hillary Clinton to run against seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime gift from the political gods, 2020 is shaping up to be a time when lightning strikes twice.

Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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