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Democrats are running an interesting campaign so far. They’re promising “freebies” to everyone, which is normal for leftists, but they’re also offering salvation. “Vote against Trump’s racism or you’re a racist,” they say. When it comes to what that racism is exactly, they’re less clear. But these self-appointed Popes of politics stand ready to forgive your past sin of wrong-think if, and only if, you simply acquiesce to their every demand. If not, it’s open season on you.


It’s a rather curious strategy, insisting those who don’t support you are just this side of Nazis, but when you couple it with absolution…it’s still pretty stupid.

Joe Lockhart, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, declared, “Anyone who supports a racist or a racist strategy is a racist themselves.  2020 is a moment or reckoning for America. Vote for @realDonaldTrump and you are a racist.  Don’t hide it like a coward. Wear that racist badge proudly and see how it feels.”  

Sally Kohn, author and CNN contributor, put it even less subtlety. “What I say to Republicans who voted for Trump: If you want to prove you don't support Trump's racism and divisiveness, then vote differently next time.  Democrats believe in redemption,” she tweeted.

Not to be outdone, dimwitted Don Lemon, who is somehow considered by CNN to be a journalist, asked at the debate this week, “What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president's bigotry?”

This has become a major theme for the left – you either bow to them, or you’re a racist.

It’s not necessarily new. The administration of Barack Obama was marked by claims of racism over every policy disagreement. The president didn’t do a lot to quash these smears, but he didn’t engage in the regularly either. Now the whole Democratic Party – candidates, activists, journalists – are on board with it.


But what is the racism? A couple of words from a tweet storm by the President? Being critical of Baltimore?

The most common answer, as much as it can be called an answer, is the President has been critical of “people of color.” That, according to Democrats, is the new racist.

Donald Trump’s much-ballyhooed “go back” tweet was not about “get out of the country, you women of color,” it was about policies. Notice how most stories about it only put “go back” in quotes, the rest wasn’t. The rest was spin.

The president actually wrote, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it’s done.” Would a racist tell someone to “then come back” after telling them to leave? Or was the president making a different point about how we have “the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth,” as he said in the same tweet?

As for the president’s Baltimore tweets, they were about a city’s obvious problems, not a congressman’s skin color. But pretending they were about Elijah Cummings’ skin rather than his failures allowed leftists to avoid talking at all about any of the real problems in Baltimore. People still live in bombed-out, drug infested neighborhoods with schools rivaling the Third World. A bunch of progressives get to pat themselves on the backs for making the story about race while a human being will likely be murdered there between the time I write this Friday night and you read it on Sunday.


The woke-set won’t notice, rather they’ll hope you don’t, because the President pointed out the city has a rat infestation.

Is President Trump the most thoughtful and articulate critic in the world? Not so much, no. But his blunt counter-punches aren’t based on anything other than the fact that he was punched first. Paul Ryan and former UK Ambassador to the Us Kim Darroch were both on the receiving end of the president’s angry tweets the week of “go back,” yet supposed “news” anchors declared the president only attacks “people of color.” Ryan and Darroch are white; so much for the racism charge. Or is only racist somehow when the President treats “people of color” the way he treats white people? It’s my understanding that that’s the opposite of the definition of the word.

Reacting, on the other hand, to the President’s words differently based solely on the skin tone of the target is the very definition of racist.

The absolution Democrats are offering is, like all their other promises, empty. But they’re still going to dangle it out there, and couple it with threats. “You’re a racist, unless you…” Today it’s vote for them, tomorrow who knows?


Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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