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The Soft Bigotry Of Liberal Preconceptions

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You are a racist. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Or at least try. You can’t. It’s the perfect charge to level against someone if you want to end a discussion because there’s nowhere for anyone to go after it’s tossed out. It’s also childish, which is why Democrats level it with the frequency that my newborn daughter soils her diaper – and they both come from the same place with the same substance.


Racism still exists, of course, there are always going to be people who don’t like others because of immutable traits which they blame for their own failures in life. But the Democratic Party has effectively weaponized the charge and used it so often to scare people that it has no real meaning whatsoever.

In a desperate attempt to end serious debate, debates at which they fail, they’ve watered down a charge of racism to the point that people now largely ignore it. Don’t support socialize medicine? That’s because you hate black and brown people. Think we should secure our southern border? Same answer. There isn’t much of anything some leftist won’t call you a white supremacist over, including food reviews. (No, I’m not kidding.)

It’s a sickness unique to the left, and it does real harm to actual victims of racism. The few instances of real racism are drown out in a sea of hysterical “wolf” cries. Still, with their voters, it’s effective because it appeals to raw emotion.

Hell, the Democratic Party actively instills this in their voters to drill fear into their base to motivate loyalty. “Someone who doesn’t like you because of your skin color/gender/sexual orientation/religion and they’re working hard to make your life difficult. But don’t worry, we’ll protect you from them, all you have to do is vote for us,” is the gist of the liberal message.

One wonders how places like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, etc., would look like if its residents weren’t “protected” by Democrats for so many generations.


That emotional manipulation is why the bogus story of the Covington Catholic High School students found such a receptive audience on the left and sadly, too many on the right who, in the absence of facts, joined the liberal mob. Rich Lowry soon backpedaled, Bill Kristol deleted his comment hoping no one would notice (because who pays attention to him anymore?), and Ben Shapiro went on the attack. That’s all well and good – a straight-up apology would’ve been better – but you’d think “intellectuals” would be the first ones pumping the brakes in the midst of a liberal hysteric mob. But no one wants to be seen as being sympathetic to racists, so facts weren’t necessary, they took a backseat to feelings.

When liberals and susceptible conservatives saw that snippet of video Saturday they had in their mind what the progressive power structure had implanted in their heads – the white MAGA hat-wearing kids had to be the aggressors because the other person was a “noble Native American ‘elder.’” The liberal narrative is only white people can be racists, and they bought it.

The reality was the only person acting like an adult in the whole affair was the high school junior who stood silently as an old, toothless liar got into his face trying to cause a scene. No one else is willing to say it, but I don’t care – Nathan Phillips is a fraud with a history of lying about being a Vietnam veteran and of lying about being a victim of racism.


Simple math would have exposed the Vietnam lie, basic research would have exposed his fraudulent past. None of which was done by anyone condemning the kids as Nazis because, thanks to liberal indoctrination, Phillips can only be a victim and white kids, especially ones who wear Trump hats, can only be perps. It truly is sick.

While it’s comforting to hear you can’t be a racist, it’s a lie. The blessing of liberals does not provide absolution from the definition of words. The assistance of virtue-signaling conservatives doesn’t change reality. We all have the capacity to be better, unfortunately that is the path less traveled.

All of this could have been avoided if adults had acted like adults. Phillips could have simply left a group of high school kids alone, or he could have confronted the racist “Black Hebrew Israelites,” who were actually screaming racial slurs at everyone. But he saw an opportunity.

Reporters could have avoided inspiring death threats against innocent children by applying the rule they apply to conservative videos, the “heavily edited” standard, and waited until they knew something more than a liberal activist’s narrative before calling for blood. If Planned Parenthood officials bargaining over the price of aborted baby organs can’t be reported because the videos are “taken out of context” (in what context would that, or helping someone set up a child prostitution ring, as in the ACORN videos, ok?), how can a short clip on social media and still image from that video be a “stop the presses” moment? It can’t be, unless it fits perfectly with your preconceived notions of life.


Prejudice is prejudice, whether it’s against someone with an accent, some because of their religion, or someone because race and the hat they wear. The definition of the word “bigot” isn’t dependent upon the amount of melanin in the skin of an individual, it’s dependent upon the amount of ignorance in that individual. Unfortunately, when it comes to far too many people in positions of influence on both sides of the aisle, that amount is large.

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