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Winners and Losers in the Kavanaugh Fight

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I didn’t expect it to feel so much like Christmas, but Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court Saturday really was like finding everything you wanted under the tree. It was a combination of winning and who lost that made it so sweet. The Constitution won, and the party of the whiny, screaming, hate-filled, violent mob was roundly defeated. In that sense, the country won. On an individual basis, there were many more winners and losers.


The Winners:

Brett Kavanaugh. He’s on the Supreme Court. While his name was smeared by shameless Democrats, he held strong and stood up for himself and his family. Liberals will always try to degrade him, but normal people didn’t buy into the crazy allegations from people who couldn’t remember anything in the first place, so these attacks will be contained to the media echo chamber.

Donald Trump. The president did what it’s likely no other president would have done – stuck by his nominee. Trump is a fighter, and he loves other fighters. Kavanaugh’s defiant testimony had to have appealed to him and justified his refusal to withdraw the nomination. No matter what else he does, returning the high court to one that serves the Constitution is a legacy no former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can claim.

Lindsey Graham. The senator from South Carolina sat there as every other Republican ceded their question time to the professional prosecutor, and when his turn came he’d had enough. He reclaimed his time and ripped Democrats for their sickening charade with a righteous anger and disgust that was long overdue. Following his lead, all the remaining Republicans followed suit. That may have happened without him, to one degree or another, but it certainly happened the way it did because of him.

Susan Collins. Maine’s senior senator was a wild card, and the key to final confirmation. Under extreme pressure, Collins found her spine. In a speech for the ages, Collins dissected the flimsy liberal case and stripped it bare. When she was done, only the most partisan of partisans were unconvinced. Naturally, since she denied the liberal mob their pound of flesh, she and her staff have been the target of death and rape threats, because “tolerance,” or something. Conservatives should rally around Collins in her 2020 reelection bid.


Joe Manchin. The West Virginia Democrat could have made the vote a tie, forcing the Vice President to break it, but he didn’t. Simply being a Democrat does not protect anyone from their angry mob – you’re either with them all the way or you are their enemy. Manchin didn’t care, he did what was right rather than what was convenient.

The Losers:

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Have you ever seen a more feckless group of adults? Not one serious question from any of them, just butt-kissing, speeches, and moral preening. Mazie Hirono was exposed as having the IQ of a small child, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker tried to out-rabidly-crazy each other in a preview of the 2020 Democratic nomination process, Dick Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse could barely string together a coherent sentence as they dug deep into the important issue of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook. And Dianne Feinstein came off as confused, unaware of how something in her possession made its way to the press.

Christine Blasey Ford. It might as well have been Christine Blasé Ford considering her testimony, if you can call it that. Millions of Americans watched this 51-year-old woman testify with the voice of a 12-year-old, riddled with up-talking and vocal-fry. Did anyone believe this is how a woman with 2 masters degrees and a Ph.D. actually talks to students? She works in a field where details matter, yet she couldn’t remember anything – not only from 36 years ago, but from a few weeks ago. She was also indifferent to the prospect of her lawyers either lying to her or on her behalf to the Senate. She had no fear of flying and claimed to not know she could have spoken with investigators in the privacy of her own home. A normal person would have turned to her lawyers upon hearing this and said something like, “What the Hell? Why didn’t you tell me this? I could have avoided this public circus.” But she didn’t, which makes you think. (She’ll now be showered with awards, book and movie deals, paid speeches, etc.)


Ford’s lawyers. They played a public game, either with or without their client’s consent, and lost. They’ll be heroes in liberal circles, which is all they really care about, but they failed their client and had it exposed on a national stage.

The liberal mob. The chants, the threats, the lies, the intimidation, none of it worked. Their temper tantrum failed, and the whole country watched them throw it. The move people see of what is essentially the enforcement wing to the Democratic Party, the worse their prospects for the future become.

The media. Already suffering favorability lower than toenail fungus, journalists went all in to defeat Kavanaugh. No rumor, no innuendo was too absurd to avoid reporting. Even their own stories contained admissions that they had nothing to back up allegations and the “witnesses” didn’t actually witness anything. They even re-embraced the Creepy Porn Lawyer with laughable charges, and other wild claims from across the country that were retracted as quickly as they were written. It was embarrassing to watch.

Hillary Clinton. She’s reemerged and is heading out on a tour with Bill for fun and profit. She’s also whining about how Ford was treated while ignoring her role in tamping down the “bimbo eruptions” against her husband in 1992 and her decades of enabling his abuse and philandering. At the end of the day, however, Donald Trump has appointed two solid Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and Hillary has appointed exactly zero justices.


Overall, the biggest losers were liberals and their tactic of riling up an angry mob to keep the public in fear and in line, and the winners were the concept of due process, of innocent until proven guilty, the Constitution, liberty, and the American people. See, just like Christmas.

Derek Hunter is a husband, father of two (including one born just last Friday), and author of the book, “Outrage, INC.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood,” which examines the ways, both obvious and subtle, liberals use emotional manipulation to override rational thought and influence the American people. Order a copy today! And subscribe to his free daily podcast on iTunes to hear the news of the day every day!

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