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Acid-Washing History

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One year ago this week, a radical Islamist terrorist, in solidarity with the ISIS, walked into a bar in Orlando, Florida, and murdered 49 people. During the course of the attack the monster was unambiguous about his motives, telling the police outside exactly why he murdered those people, and still the Obama administration labored over what the motive was. That fight against reality continues to this day.

 After the attack, under public pressure, the FBI released a partial transcript of the communications between the monster and police, but they removed all references to Islam and ISIS.

On the orders of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the transcript was wiped clean of the terrorist's “offending” words and edited to read absurd things like, “My name is I pledge allegiance to [omitted].”

Whoever could he have meant?

And when he said, “Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [in Arabic],” that must have left people scratching their heads in wonder.

Flash forward to the one-year anniversary this week and the cleansing of reality is complete. The Washington Post ran an article marking the day that never mentions terrorism or radical Islam – not once.

When the story first posted Monday, it actually mentioned Islam and terrorism, though not in the text. When I first read it the video embedded at the top of the piece had “terrorist” in the title, and the accompanying caption under it mentioned “Islam.” By the time I’d gotten to work that day, however, it was changed and the “offending” words had been removed.

Now the video is titled, “Pulse nightclub owner speaks one year after shooting.”

The caption for the video now reads, “Barbara Poma, the owner of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, spoke on June 12, one year after the shooting that killed 49.”

No mention of why.

Maybe they swapped out the video for a different one, I didn’t think to do a screen capture because who would think a major newspaper would go that far to deny reality. But the title alone shows just how deep in that denial the political left is.

It’s called, “A year ago, 49 people died at Pulse nightclub. Today, Orlando remembers.” How did those people die? Simultaneous heart attacks?

They didn’t just die, they were murdered in a terrorist attack. But the Post doesn’t want their readers to remember that.

The Post writes, “It had been a year since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history stole 49 lives…”

They call it a “mass shooting” because, if you remember, Democrats were desperate to make the slaughter about guns and not terrorism. Truth be damned, the agenda must be served. Even if it’s on the bodies of the murdered.

The New York Times, unsurprisingly, was no better. They ran an op-ed using the attack to blame President Donald Trump and conservative views from a college professor (as rare as a unicorn these days) for making “marginalized” people into victims yet again by violating their safe spaces.

It’s a bit of self-appointed victim-porn that has become all the rage of the political left in recent years. The Democratic Party has made victimhood into something to aspire to among their adherents.

A rash of faked hate-crimes, many of which were “reported” to authorities by the perpetrators, allowing them to play the victim publicly and receive the sympathies, and often times money, from fellow liberals so convinced the United States is an awful place they need to assuage their guilt through the penance of giving money to frauds.

It’s a sickness, a syndrome, and a delusion that serves to reinforce liberal orthodoxy and drive more social justice warriors to commit more fraud. Since the media gleefully covers the original, narrative-reinforcing story of “hate,” while sweeping most corrections to the graveyard of inside the paper days or weeks later, this trend will continue.

There’s no reason for this trend not to continue. Democrats benefit from it. They gain by denying reality.

Are there awful people in the country? Or course there are. In a nation of 330 million people there are going to be all flavors of terrible monsters. Pretending they’re the norm and not the anomaly only serves to aid the left and manipulate the weak-minded.

Democrats are attempting to wipe clean the recent history of terrorism just like they’re trying to do with their history of racism and devotion to slavery by removing statues across the country, and this history of eugenics by simply denying it existed.

This strategy hasn’t culminated in much electoral success of late for Democrats, but they seem bent on tossing endless “verbal fertilizer” on the seeds of division they’ve sown in the hopes of its bearing fruit. Time will tell.

Until that time, we can expect more denials of reality and more pieces of history to be dipped into the acid bath of the liberal mind in the hopes of eating away the inconvenient parts.

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