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Obama Campaign Unveils Official T-Shirt for 2012

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The Obama campaign has already released a theme song and an official cigarette, so I guess it’s appropriate for them to share a 2012 t-shirt for all supporters.


And even though I posted this back in 2010, let’s decide that this is the campaign’s car.

Excellent Gun Control Cartoon

Chuck Asay has done it again. Back in March, he produced a great cartoon showing the beneficial impact of concealed-carry laws.

Now he has another cartoon, showing the issue from the perspective of criminals.

If we want to discourage crime, simple economic analysis tells us to increase the cost of being a criminal. And research shows that’s exactly what happens when innocent people can defend themselves.

Though this funny video shows that our left-wing friends are incapable of understanding this topic.

P.S. If you want more gun control humor, check out this joke comparing California with other parts of America, this interview with a general is worth sharing (presumably an urban legend, but could be true), and here’s a t-shirt that I’m putting on my Christmas list.

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