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Agenda, Agenda, Agenda

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The White House, Senate and House of Representatives continue to be out of step with the American people. More importantly, they continue to be out of step with what is needed for the well-being of our nation.


It certainly is one thing to have an agenda and to fight and work hard for that agenda. Yet it is quite another to step all over it, thanks to all the garbage going on inside—and outside—the White House.

Like so many other Americans, I have no choice but to question President Donald Trump’s tactics, such as humiliating Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Many of us believed that Trump was not a man who would try to make someone to quit his job by using demeaning words and humiliation. We assumed Trump would be the kind of president who would step up to the plate, fire that person and not act like the rest of the politicians in Washington.

Maybe this is the way that someone who is not quite getting his way acts to try to incentivize a very good attorney general to move the president’s agenda forward—that is, opposed to simply saying to the attorney general, “You need to get about the business of the people and justice.”

Opposing Their Own Plans

I certainly am very disappointed in the lack of legislative progress as I watch Republicans fight over stopping something they once supported. Republicans ran a campaign based on repealing Obamacare, but now seem to want very little to do with it.

These are the same Republicans who promised the American people a better America—claiming they would stand up for what is right if they were able to get control. Apparently, they have yet to realize they do have control and are doing what they do best—nothing.


All that is happening in the White House—from profanity-laced comments from a communications director to the tensions and stresses inside the Republican Party—is nothing more than shameful activity from grown men and women who are pretending they have the capabilities to lead the American people.

I was one of those naïve Americans who believed we finally had strong leadership in the White House. Oh, I have to agree things are getting better in the economy. I also have to say I appreciate this president’s agenda of tax reform, infrastructure, building a wall and making America safe. Like many, I supported him in those efforts.

But it is getting harder.

All of that, however, is of little consequence if you either lack the ability to lead or have people around you who lack the ability to lead—or, even worse, no one around you who’s willing to follow your lead.

Whatever the case, the American people are the ones who will suffer. Yes, the Republican Party will suffer as well, but I care little about a party that has done nothing for 10 years. I don’t expect them to start doing something now.

Third-Party Replacement

I have never been someone who believed in a third-party system, but right now a Freedom Party is looking pretty good—if one can get organized—not for the purpose of having a third party, per se, but to replace the Republican Party. It may be the only hope for the future of America, although it’s likely it will be too little, too late.


From an economic perspective, we are at a place with the greatest potential for America’s economy than one could imagine in recent years. There are more opportunities for more jobs, more legal immigration and more GDP growth than we have seen since the 1960s.

On the other hand, we are at a place where we could see a deterioration of our republic, the likes of which could mean we will never see a recovery—a place where socialism (maybe even a radical kind) will begin to replace free-market economies and free-thinking innovation. We could reach a place where ingenuity and hard work will be of little benefit and impossible to find.

We are at a place where we have a president who holds the balance between these two directions. He has the ability to stop one and move toward the other. But if he makes no choice, the direction will be the one the mainstream media, progressives and moderates on Capitol Hill chooses for him.

The end result is that our economy, opportunities and republic could be gone.

It’s that serious. 

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