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Once again, this week in Poland we see a President that shows us why he got elected. Once again, we see a President that was not going on an apology tour, but making the most of the opportunity to speak about the strength and exceptionalism of America and Poland, and the power of a united people. He delivered one of the best speeches of his administration with authority, and had the full support of his audience. It’s sad that we have a President who needs to travel to other countries in order to receive recognition for his defense of democracies, belief in democracy, commitment to family and faith and his dedication to work for all citizens.  His continued and unwavering commitment to jobs, prosperity, economic strength and national security is unparalleled.

We now need President Trump to speak with the same kind of strength and resolve to members of the Senate and the House and convince them that he has the support of the “Heartbeat of America.” He must convince these lawmakers that they need desperately to be about the work of the American people and in doing so, building confidence in our government and its ability to govern.  Unfortunately, the American people understand how good Congress is at doing nothing. The President needs to stress that doing nothing is no longer an option.

It is hard to believe that after all these years of living with the debacle of Obamacare and all the opportunities that the house of representatives and Senators have had to shape a plan that works for the American people, that Congress can’t come up with anything to unite Republicans over the healthcare bill.  

We have also been hearing over and over again about how most politicians agree that tax reform is necessary, yet once again they can’t seem to hammer out a tax reform plan that will satisfy lobbyists, special interest groups and the people. After all, campaign contributions and the next election must be considered. But, how about considering what’s good for the American people, good for the American economy, good for jobs, growth of the middle class, Corporate America, prosperity, and good for future generations? Oh yeah, that too.

As President Trump spoke yesterday in Poland about the power of the American and Polish people, I couldn’t help but think that this is a President who understands all too well the power of the people. He is in office not because of special interest groups and lobbyists, he’s in office because the people are sick and tired of the executive branch and the rest of the swamp ignoring the will of the people.

Capitol Hill is far too focused on the royal elite status that they long to keep. Unfortunately, they lack the ability to understand that their status went out the door with Donald Trump and they were only allowed to stay inside those doors because of Donald Trump. They haven’t figured out that the November 2018 election is not going to be won for them by the special interest groups and lobbyists, or from the help of the so-called leadership of the party. It’s going to be won only if they can see their way fit to trust in a president of the United States who is the President of the people, for the people and most importantly by the people.

The special interest groups and the lobbyists that they are likely still depending upon did not help Donald Trump become President Trump and they are not going to help the royalty of the party keep their throne. I suggest that the November 2018 election will once again be all about serving the people and nothing more.

President Trump needs to articulate that America is on the brink of exceptionalism not seen since the 1950s. He needs to stress that only Congress stands in the way of this economic exceptionalism, the new industrial and manufacturing revolution, good jobs and prosperity for future generations.

President Trump needs to remind all of Congress that in November 2018 they will be judged on this economy, on the opportunity for middle-class and lower income families to succeed, on discretionary income that has been put back in the pockets of consumers and on the opportunities left to the next generation. This is what voters will be thinking about in November 2018. Fake news, whining, crying Democrats, protesters, socialists and Russia will not be on their minds.

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