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Hillary Should be Getting Trumped and Dumped-On by the Media…Not Trump

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Two interesting things have happened in American politics over the past week involving the Democrat and Republican front runners for the 2016 presidential race. The troubling news about Democrat Darling frontrunner Hillary Clinton is being virtually buried by America’s liberal mainstream media . . . as they go to town thrashing, teasing and tearing apart Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.


The Federal Bureau of Investigations, which investigates crime in America and “corrupt government officials,” seized the private email server Hillary Clinton chose to use—instead of the official government email system—during her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton admitted deleting 30,000 of these emails that she deemed were personal. In other words, Clinton and her cronies have erased the server of evidence. But do they realize the FBI has unparalleled technology to recover the deleted data?

If this wasn’t cause enough for alarm, the FBI also obtained a thumb drive containing email from Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall. A separate investigation conducted by the Government Accountability Office concluded that of the OTHER 30,000 emails Clinton CHOSE not to delete, at least four contained top secret national security information. Lesson here is that Clinton should not have used her personal email to send them.

Unreported by the liberal media or buried deep in their leads, Americans learned last week that the 30,000 emails Clinton chose to turn over to the State Department were in paper form—“and easier to alter” (and a hell of a lot harder to sort through). Thus, paper emails would hinder, rather than help, any congressional investigation into what Clinton knew as Secretary of State about the deaths of four American diplomats in Benghazi.


No candidate running for president wants his or her name in the same sentence with the FBI. It’s like shades of Nixon all over again. One would think Hillary’s breach would be dominating the US news cycle. Instead the press laughed at her recent joke about loving Snapchat because “those messages disappear all by themselves.” It is nothing to "lol" at.

This week, Trump unveiled a detailed immigration proposal, calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants, among other things – and ending the birthright citizenship, where so-called anchor babies who were born in America to illegals automatically become citizens. (Incidentally, birthright – the 14th Amendment – to the US Constitution, was added to address citizenship.) Trump’s plan also would stop illegals from sending money home that was earned from working in the US illegally. The liberal press assailed his plan as “fringe,” and “harsh, mocking it as unrealistic. Never mind that Trump is the only candidate with an immigration plan.

Since when did a candidate’s desire to serve the interest of Americans, whom lawmakers are elected to serve, become fodder for jokes? Furthermore, when was the last time a candidate laid out a detailed plan – for anything?! Has anyone offered anything more than rhetoric and demagoguery to the American voter? That was a rhetorical question!


A Washington Post editorial declared “Donald Trump’s immigration plan would wreak havoc on U.S. society.” As if allowing over 11 million undocumented people to remain in America and steal jobs from Americans has been a good thing for a nation clawing its way out of one of the worst recessions in its history. (There are many folks who are dubious about this number, given the fact that it is paradoxical to quantify something that – by nature – cannot be counted.)

Let’s not forget the illegal criminals who have killed Americans because of President Barack Obama’s lax deportation policies. Currently, there are 180,000 convicted criminal aliens awaiting deportation and another 170,000 convicted criminal aliens who have been ordered to leave, but refuse to. Since 2012, thanks to Obama’s “no enforcement policy,” the number of criminal aliens roaming our streets rose 28%.

Other Republican candidates like Jeb Bush criticized Trump’s mass deportation plan as a pipe dream. But when was the last time American politicians tried it?

After the first debate, everyone from the Republican establishment to the media, predicted Trump was a non-serious candidate, a flash in the pan or destroyer of the GOP. He’s soared in the polls every day since and now Trump's within a 6 point striking distance in a hypothetical match up with Hillary.


While Trump puts forward policy ideas the news media mocks him and with deliberate intention ignores Hillary. There’s something very rotten in the state of Hillaryland. When will America’s mainstream liberal media hounds follow the FBI’s scent of a Clinton cover up? CNN, which used to be fondly called the Clinton News Network, and Salem Media Group will moderate the second Republican debate September 16, 2015. I’ve got confidence Salem’s reporters will be fair. Let’s see if the CNN moderators take their feet off the trash-Trump accelerator.

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