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Liberals have created an unspoken code of conduct that says it is condoned and encouraged for Democrats to insult black Republicans, particularly black female Republicans. Black Republicans must be effectively blowing up the stereotype all blacks are not liberals because I’ve noticed a rash of Twitter accounts have been created by Democrat operatives with the sole purposes of attacking me to silence me.

Unlike some blacks who call themselves independents in order to be more palatable to the mainstream media establishment, I don’t straddle the center. I call myself a Republican and this really BOTHERS Democrats because I’m not black like they want me to be.

Not a day goes that I’m not bombarded by an arsenal of crude names on Twitter or via email because I’m a black Republican and don’t worship Barack Obama or think his being elected as the first black president of America is the greatest thing he should be expected to achieve as president.

Because I refuse to bow to a grotesque stereotype, liberals think it’s permissible to say things to me on the Internet most would never have the guts to say to my face. Granted I have strong opinions, which I’m not afraid to express but when liberals can’t argue against my points or I refuse to agree with them, they generally resort to profanity or vulgar sexual references.

I wanted to share a string of ugly tweets from last to demonstrate the kind of ugliness I subjected to daily. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I tweeted about several topics: Mitt Romney having a black voter outreach strategy while Obama had none because he like Democrats take the black vote for granted and how ironic when his policies have disproportionately harmed blacks; and Obama’s 2008 race speech when he refused to denounce Rev. Wright’s racist sermons.

I also tweeted about Democrats flawed argument that voter ID laws harm minorities. If whites can manage to get proper ID to vote in states with photo ID laws and minorities can’t, Dems are saying one of two things. First, blacks and other ethnic groups are intellectually inferior and therefore incapable of acquiring Photo IDs to vote or second they believe more minorities, who vote Democrat, commit voter fraud and that’s the only way Democrats can win. This kind of rhetoric should be insulting to blacks or any minorities because it implies that we’re the lesser people. (By the way, when Georgia and Indiana passed voter ID laws, minority voter registration increased. The Brennan Center found majority of people, 89% of Americans have the proper ID to vote so perhaps the 11% who don’t need to get the proper ID.)

Who knows what set the liberals off May 26, 2012 but this is what ensued.

A man whose handle is Axle the Great launched a series of insulting tweets directed at me May 26, 2012:

@GOPBlackChick is hittable so I wouldn't care what comes out her mouth. Id just be thinking what could go in.

@GOPBlackChick I said I would **** her. Don't get me wrong, politics aside. Since when does a man cares what a women says

@GOPBlackChick okay. fine. you ****ing sally hemmings want to be. good bye

@GOPBlackChick so the **** what. go away you self loathing attention whore.

On Memorial Day @younggrumpy didn’t agree with my comments about some DC councilmembers and Mayor Vincent Gray so he jumped in my Twitter feed with these unsavory tweets:

Younggrumpy: “u self hating porch monkey,” and “you dumb c***.”

It’s ironic males who call themselves Democrats and belong to the so called “party of tolerance” don’t practice the tolerance they preach but rather daily wage a misogynistic war on Republican women. Equally outrageous is when Democrats can’t defend themselves against Republicans’ counter arguments, they immediately resort to name calling or profanity.

A good example is my appearance May 7th on CNN with liberal leaning political pundit Goldie Taylor. Taylor didn’t like my pointing out the holes in her comments about Biden’s support of gay marriage so she insulted me like a child on the playground, “I don’t respond to anything Crystal Wright says on TV or Twitter.” Then she told me on air to “Stuff it and hold it.” I don’t know what that means but it sounds unsavory like the Tweet she wrote May 26th:

”RT@Iluvbp @goldietaylor Would you spit on Crystal Wright if she were on fire? << I'd get a hose, put put the fire and smack her senseless.”

Liberals need to learn rules of civility rather than insults in debate with their political opponents; otherwise, they look like crude, unmannered bullies void of arguments and full of fear and loathing.

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