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The Biden Administration has picked a fight they will lose. Not with Republicans in Congress. Not with the Taliban or China or Big Oil. They’ve made an enemy out one of the biggest sleeping giants in America: parents. 

Naturally, it all starts with COVID because everything we’ve done as a nation for the last two years can’t escape the topic. But in this case COVID did the American parent an enormous favor. With virtually all school doors shuttered and school children locked away for an entire academic year behind computers at home, parents got a front row seat in their kids’ virtual classrooms.

They heard for themselves in real time and many for the first time the subversive and subtle ways in which their school districts’ curriculum was teaching students the racist concepts of “critical race theory.” Black and white parents alike were dismayed their children were instructed to judge individuals strictly by the color of their skin and that skin color alone was determinative of all outcomes in life.

School parents began to trace so much of this racist rhetoric back to a relatively new post created in many school districts’ administrative offices, often referred to as the Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. It’s a nice sounding title, isn’t it? Who could be against nice words like diversity, equity, and inclusion?  

Many districts created well-paid, often six-figure salaried positions so as to prove just how diverse, equitable, and inclusive they were. Of course, the racist bilge these DEI Directors pump out of their offices is anything but inclusive. It’s divisive and corrosive at best.

That’s when parents began to wonder just who approved positions like these. DEI Directors didn’t pop up out of the blue. Enter your local school board. The same bunch in many communities that sided with the unscientific and crippling isolation of our children cheered by teachers unions hell-bent on keeping kids locked down at home in perpetuity.

When they were no longer able to keep kids and parents scared at home, many local school boards decided the unscientific and abusive wearing of masks by all attending school would be the way forward instead.  

All of this on the heels of many of these same school boards creating gender-fluid student restrooms which lead to heinous outcomes like the rape of two female students in their Loudoun County, Virginia schools. The rapist was a male student who gained easy access to the girls restroom simply because he wore a skirt upon entering per approved school board rules. I’ll have more on this story later.

Fed up and furious, parents nationwide began attending school board meetings in person demanding to be heard. Parental attendance became so huge many boards began eliminating public comment or drastically limiting time for each parent to speak. Crowds spilled into board meeting parking lots and in online viewing and chat rooms to live stream meetings.

That’s when many arrogant, entrenched, haughty, entitled, puffed up school board members declared war on their voters. Cutting off speakers mid-sentence, scolding attendees for their tone, yanking microphones out of speakers’ hands when they’d heard enough, summoning security, and in some cases completely white-washing speaker testimony from public record.  School boards liked it better when nobody came to their meetings and they could pat themselves on the back for rubber-stamping radical spending and curriculum votes. 

Many parents would also learn their local school board was a member of their state’s school board association and their state school board association was a member of the National School Board Association. Nothing says local decision making like a “national association” of local decision makers. It’s a bureaucratic joke such an organization exists.

As parents got louder these school board associations decided it was time to declare war on the parents who dared to show up to their meetings and upset their fiefdoms. Firing off a letter to the “most popular man ever elected,” the NSBA petitioned Joe Biden to do something about the “chaotic pattern of threats and violence” at school board meetings.

Mainstream media in conjunction with the White House began selling the narrative of “dangerous” parents getting “violent” at school board meetings nation wide. Disturbing video to prove their point was broadcast repeatedly showing one angry man in particular lunging at a Loudoun County, Virginia school board in anger.  Police even had to restrain the crazed parent. You see? Parents are a threat! 

Biden’s Department of Justice sprung into action as Attorney General Merrick Garland declared the memo from NSBA worthy of FBI scrutiny and pledged the nation’s premiere law enforcement agency would begin to scrutinize attendees of school board meetings from coast to coast.  

What the Attorney General didn’t disclose before launching his authoritarian crackdown on American parents’ speech was his son-in-law’s very lucrative work with school districts all over the country selling critical race theory curriculum. Oh, and media didn’t disclose the “lunatic parent” we all saw restrained by police was actually old footage of the father of one of the raped Loudoun County, Virginia school girls lunging at the superintendent when he and the board openly lied about the rapes never occurring and suggested they had no knowledge of them.

The parent knew they were lying to his face. A board member recently resigned over the scandal. The video we all saw wasn’t a father lunging in rage over CRT or masks; he was avenging his little girls’ rape before a bunch of political, callous, toads on his school board. 

The lies continued to unravel fast. Parents weren’t intimidated or coerced into silence. They got louder. They launched their own campaigns to challenge establishment school board members in their communities.  Parents got so loud many state school board associations in states like Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ohio recently renounced their membership in the National Association of School Boards.

United States Senators Cruz, Hawley, and Cotton dressed down the Attorney General and called for his resignation in disgrace this week. In the once blue state stronghold of Virginia, students are walking out of class in protest and the Republican challenging the establishment Democrat is in a dead heat headed into the gubernatorial election next week.  Meanwhile “the most vote-getting president in the history of the country” is underwater in every approval poll.  

All of this can largely be credited to parents. 

Let this be a lesson for every office holder at every level of government - local, state, and federal.  Don’t screw with the American parent or their kids unless you want a fight.  It’s a fight you will certainly lose.  

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