We're Not Stupid

Posted: Sep 10, 2020 9:45 AM
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We're Not Stupid

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, file

Bob Woodward has a new book out. It’s supposedly bad for the sitting Republican president, released two months before the general election. It’s deemed “worse than Watergate.” Wash. Repeat. Are we seriously still doing this?  

Are we really going to treat this as some ordinary election cycle with some ordinary Republican in office? Does the media still think their ordinary reaction to a predictable, ordinary book will elicit an ordinary public reaction? Sincerely, I’m asking.  

When you’re really forced to think about the time in which we live, the men from which to choose as candidates, and the hellscape our once-great American cities have become – to even consider Bob Woodward’s book as something upon which your vote would hinge is perhaps the dumbest thing one could ponder.  

Everyone understands what this election is about. The old, tired guy who’s been a public official for nearly 50 years is now used as a prop to allow the radicals hiding behind him a seat at the table without having to actually campaign honestly and openly.  

Then there’s the sitting, bombastic president who’s way too open at times. He doesn’t need this gig another year, never mind his opponent’s 47 already logged. Nor does he care for the ways of Washington or levers of power. He wants a second term to complete an agenda on which he ran. Then, like career in real estate and development, he’ll move on to the next project. He’ll likely never set foot back in that cesspool called Washington D.C. where his opponent has made his home for half a century. 

Everyone understands the people who cling to power and the trappings of political office and the media who make their livings sniffing thrones hate the president’s guts as much today as they did four years ago.  

We all understand America is still made up of two kinds of voters. Those who believe their voices should matter when it comes to sending our men and women into harm’s way, keeping more of our disposable income in our pockets, where our kids go to school, our right to defend ourselves and to speak freely, and honoring our cops and our flag. You know, “deplorables.”

The rest vote for the geriatric guy from Delaware and the screeching lady who ran before him who coughed and fell a lot. Seriously, their nominees aren’t well people.  

We all understand where we’ve been as a country. No one is unclear. A roaring economy that put more minorities and women to work than at any time in history. We watched a crushing defeat of international terrorism.  We watched the country become energy independent and awash in our own resources. Prison reform, tax reductions, school choice, celebrating and beefing up our military after it had been gutted. The conventions covered it well a couple of weeks ago.

We understand the other side wants to “build back better” even though no one knows what that means including the guy saying it. We understand the other side is furiously, deliriously angry every day their eyes open. They hate that guy in the White House, but most can’t personally tell you why in a specific way.

So, many of them took to the streets this summer and burned and looted American cities and businesses. The celebrity and athlete culture cheered the behavior and continued to remind their audiences America was largely comprised of rotten, racist, unjust devils, and that there could be no time for leisure, laughs, or love because “justice,” or something. 

Before our cities descended into chaos, a virus swept the globe. It came from China, a nation that lied and hid the severity of the outbreak with the help of the World Health Organization. It shut down our economy. It restricted our freedom of movement. Media worked overtime to scare the hell out of every American until they were paralyzed with fear or their personal lives were ruined socially, economically, or both. 

Today, many of the nation’s school kids are staring at screens from home instead of socializing with others, engaging in sports, and doing activities. Parents are literally in tears and desperation as they try to council the kids through the needless cyber void while trying to meet their own professional and personal obligations.  

Restaurants and bars and small businesses are only allowed to be open some of the time with partial customer volume while following strict “safety” protocols from their respective dictatorial local governments. Those who haven’t closed are hanging on for their financial lives. Meanwhile we catch governors, congressional leaders, and mayors flouting the same rules. 

Our urban city centers are sweeping up glass and charred remains of many minority-owned businesses and homes while indiscriminate gun violence kills dozens weekly in cities like Chicago. At the same time, a growing pop-culture movement makes it fashionable to attack and defund law enforcement officers while martyring criminals.  

The American public isn’t stupid. They see what’s going on and they’ve chosen a side. We’ll see what that looks like in a few weeks. But please shut up about Bob Woodward’s stupid book.  

If that’s what you think this election’s about, your candidate is probably losing and you know it.