Houston, We’re With You for the Long Haul

Posted: Aug 30, 2017 9:56 AM
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Hurricane Harvey has dumped record numbers of flood waters on Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Thousands have had to flee their homes. We’ve seen heroic rescues from neighbor to neighbor and from complete strangers. We’ve seen the American spirit alive in one of the strongest states in the union.

For those of us who can’t travel directly to Houston to help out, I want us to send a clear message to anyone affected by Hurricane Harvey: We’re with you for the long haul.

We’re praying for you. We’re here to send what we can to help out, and we’re not giving up on you.

Just like President Donald Trump said in his visit, “This is historic, it’s epic, but – you know what –  it happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything.”

Maybe like me, when you watch the videos and see the pictures, you feel like there’s nothing you can do that will actually help people.

So, I decided to choose a few ways you can actually help out.

  1. Pray for everyone involved in Hurricane Harvey. Prayer changes everything. Pray that lives would be saved. Pray for the first responders, for the local churches, for the families, the schools, etc.
  2. Give what you can. This goes to everyone. If it’s two dollars, great. If it’s $250, great. It’s our job as individuals to help those suffering.

It’s going to take help from locals to people all over the world, but we have to let every person affected by Hurricane Harvey know that we are with them – whatever it takes – until there is a full recovery.

My hope and prayer is that we see an even better Houston, an even better Texas, an even better America, and an even better world throughout the process because there is nothing we cannot do together in our God-blessed nation.

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