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Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.  


Let’s face it.  To a large degree minorities, immigrants, gays and women are captives to liberal policy which provides no legitimate or strategic advantage to any of these groups of people.  In fact, it harms them.  

It’s very troubling to watch black voters support Hillary Clinton, effectively handing her primary victories in states with large ethnic populations.  Do these voters not realize that the very jobs and benefits they think she will bring their way are a ruse?  Do these voters not realize that Clinton’s #blacklivesmatter train has left the station and is headed for the border?   Clinton, with her amnesty for illegals policy, cannot simultaneously be good for economics in the black community.  In fact, such unpatriotic policies (amnesty and benefits for illegal immigrants) is destructive to the black community and their job prospects.  

Roughly 22 million legal, black-citizens are on some type of welfare program.  It’s clear that the black community is being scammed by people like the Clintons.  Most of these citizens want to find a job that will pay their bills and help them buy a home.  It’s hard to accomplish that when the resources/jobs needed for recovery get spread to law-breaking illegal immigrants who are cheating law-abiding citizens.


When is the last time you heard Clinton tout a policy designed to actually help minorities enhance their skills (food stamps doesn’t count) so they could escape government assistance permanently?

The sickness of Clinton policies further damage legal, Hispanic citizens in our country.  Anyone who challenges our open borders or our blanket-tolerance for rampant immigration is quickly labeled a bigot or demagogue by the left.  Why the label?  When did logic become hate?  Apparently it’s not tolerant or loving enough to suggest we limit the number of immigrants and require they assimilate into our culture as a condition of citizenship.  It’s the lack of assimilation that is harming these individuals and preventing their achievement of the American dream.  

Recently, I visited a mall in Southeast Florida looking for a pair of Beats headphones.  It was a large mall operated by a well-known public company.  Aside from the fact there were three languages being spoken, it felt like a foreign country.  There weren’t a lot of people with shopping bags but it was packed full of shoppers.  I attempted to get directions to a store (after an hour of searching), from an employee, who could barely speak English.  Frustrated, I went back to my hotel and ordered the headphones on Amazon.  


That mall employee has been given the impression it’s viable to work in America without the need to learn our culture or language.  He’s a captive of Clinton ideology and is likely suffering from Stockholm syndrome.  Likely, he’ll never find employment that allows him to live the American dream unless he learns American culture and our language.  The last time I checked it was still English.  If you can’t communicate effectively, you will struggle in this country.  If we ceased allowing ‘refugee’ immigration across our borders, then wages will begin to rise.  We need more skilled workers immigrating to our country, not more low-skilled workers.  But, the captors dismiss such realities as hate.  

It doesn’t stop there.  With strong support from the Clintons, The Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996 defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  It was stricken by the Supreme Court in 2015.  Both Clintons are now in favor of gay marriage.  But, are they?  My guess is that they never cared either way.  In 1996, it garnered more votes to support traditional marriage.  Today, it costs very few votes (and gains a few more) to support gay marriage.  

Is this good for the gay community?  No!  They have an advocate whose record has proven they don’t really care past election day.  But, as usual, the captives sympathize with their captors.  


Clinton will have the same impact on the gay community that President Obama has had on the black community:  further division and damage due to lack of reasonable dialogue and meaningful compromise.    

Finally, the Clintons’ most assailed captives are women.  Notwithstanding the sexual assaults by Bill Clinton of Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey, Hillary’s bullying of these women has been tragic.  Her acts involved threats, character smears and outright dismissal.  

Moreover, Hillary falsely accuses employers of paying women less than men who are in the same jobs.  This hypocrisy flies in the face of the fact that she paid her female employees less than their male counterparts at her Senate office.  

These Clinton-captives are socially and economically tied to a candidate who is using them as pawns in a sick game of power-grab.  Liberal politics is very simple.  Identify a group or class of people with a problem, define the problem, then offer a plan to solve it.  The reality?  Most liberals never contemplate the unintended consequences of their problem-solving policy nor the actual effect of their plan.  But why should they care?  By the time the worst effects are realized, they will no longer be in office to receive the blame.


The Clintons are not advocates for anyone but themselves.  And, they sure don’t care about immigrants, the black community, gays/lesbians or women.  If they did, they wouldn’t have spent 40 years abusing, assaulting, bullying and otherwise dismissing these groups the moment they win an election.    

The best policy for an American citizen (gay, straight, women, blacks, immigrants, etc) is one that recognizes that low taxes, less government regulation, tougher sentences for corporate criminals and a strong border/defense is the best way to improve the lives of everyone.  Unfortunately, the liberal-captives must first be rescued from their captors then put on a path to curing their Stockholm syndrome.  

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