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Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Vernon Robinson.

Yes, Kamala Harris was right when during a Democratic Party presidential debate she accused Joe Biden of being a racist. After assuring Joe Biden that she wasn’t going to call him a racist, she did just that saying, “it’s personal and it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.  And it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing.” But, it isn’t just that Joe Biden used to be a racist and has now reformed.  Oh, no. Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party are racist. We document that reality in our book, Coming Home, How Black Americans Will Re-Elect Trump.

Why do we say that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are racist? Well, what do you call a political party that not only stood in the school house door during the ugly days of civil rights struggle, but still today figuratively stands in the school house door blocking the access of poor black children to high performance choice schools? We call that racist. There’s more. What do you call a candidate that strongly supports Planned Parenthood, a group that “strategically placed 79 percent of its surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of minority communities”?  We call that racism.  What do you call a candidate that calls for open borders resulting in flooding the job market with illegals who drive down black wages and steal black jobs? We call that racist.  What do you call a candidate that supports the “re-allocation of resources” from the police department to other functions, i.e. defunding the police and thus endangering the safety of poor black communities? We call that racism.  In fact, we call policies that deny Second Amendment rights to black Americans racism, policies that steal college scholarships from young black athletes racism, and frankly any policy that hurts black Americans racism.

Dr. Alveda King echoed these thoughts making it clear that Joe Biden is no friend of black Americans, stating that the Democratic presidential nominee “has suppressed everybody … putting our people in jail, saying our young men were predators and all of that”.  King said the president has delivered for the black community. “Trump [is] taking us out of our emotions, taking us out of strife into sanity, into reasoning and thinking … President Trump is helping the black farmers, education, you name it … He sees us as Americans. He gives us that dignity.” 

In contrast to the policies of Joe Biden, Fox News host Charles Payne noted that the black community has prospered under the Trump presidency: “I follow the data probably better than anyone: so yes, wages [went] through the roof compared to where they were. Three years, ending last year, black wealth increased by 34%, Hispanics by 65%, white wealth only 3%.”  But, it’s more than that. President Trump has provided long-term support to HBCUs—Historic Black Colleges and Universities, he reversed the policies of Joe Biden who put thousands of young black Americans in jail, and signed the First Step Act, a prison reform measure that has not only released thousands of non-violent, non-sex offenders, but also provided them with job training so that they can be solid, productive members of society.

The real champion of black Americans in this presidential race is President Donald Trump who has now even won over the support of the rapper Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) who is enthusiastic about Trump’s new Platinum Plan  whose goal is to create 500,000 black-owned businesses, increase access to capital investments, and add 3 million jobs for the black community.  Trump also pledged to make lynching a national hate crime and make Juneteenth a National Holiday. 

Polls indicate that Donald Trump will win 20 percent or more of the black vote in key swing states and the reason is not only his solid track record with black Americans, but also the racist policies of today’s new Democratic Party and its nominee, Joe Biden.

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