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Ronald Reagan Still Subduing the Left

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Ronald Reagan spent the better part of a lifetime baffling the Left and often defeating them in the court of public opinion. Other Republicans have been battling the last twenty years to defund the left, particularly unions who get automatic payments through Dropbox without members having any say, or how plaintiff attorneys use their vast influence to buy Democratic officials who turn around and pass laws that line their pockets with more lawsuits. Now the Reagan name is being used to defund another source of funds for the left.

Enter a man by the name of Anthony Saliba. He was busy working the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He was wearing one of those funny vests yelling buy this and sell that and making a nice living. It occurred to him in the late 1980’s that computers were here to stay and that the options business needed to be updated. He found he had an aptitude in dealing with things like COBOL and FORTRAN computer language so he dug in to the project of computerizing the industry.

Saliba now runs one of the largest computer firms dealing with option transactions in the industry. His company handles the computer processing for more than one-third of the total volume of options in the country. His customers include most of the big names such as Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab. Saliba now spends more time with computer geeks than with people in funny vests making trades.

Along the way, Saliba had the opportunity to run into Michael Reagan, son of the President. They became friends and actually ended up on an African Safari with their respective families. While in Tanzania’s famous Serengeti, Reagan and Saliba had a series of discussions. While most people would be focusing on whether a pride of lions might be eyeing them for their evening meal, the two men were discussing how certain businesses were taking the hard-earned dollars of Republican customers and turning them over to Democratic candidates.

They thought they could do something about it. Michael Reagan owned the rights to, and Saliba now had the technical expertise to utilize the name in a constructive way. Their research started. They found that all the email services were getting serious revenue (about $400 per email account for Google) from offering a “free” service. They also found that the people running Gmail (Google), Hotmail (Microsoft), AOL (Time Warner) and Yahoo were all taking the proceeds from the advertising and other promotional revenues and making significant contributions to politicians – almost all to the left.

Thus they began offering their own email service. The email service is not free, as it currently costs $40 per year for a membership. But it is built on certain principles. The first is anonymity. When you send an email to a friend about a restaurant or search for a pair of shoes, no third party will know and you will not then receive numerous advertisements based on your search. The second aspect of the service is what they call vanity. That means conservatives would be proud of the idea of having an email address ending in “” The third aspect they characterized as Affinity. That means being associated in the “members only” area with other conservatives.

They currently have over 50,000 members, but they have built a platform that is totally secure and can host millions of addresses. The website already gets a couple million visits every month. With 50,000 members and counting, they have recouped all their start-up costs so it certainly appears that the service is here to stay. The question at this point is how fast it grows.

Saliba stated they are looking to expand offerings the same as any growing business. In the special “members only” section on the website where one can buy exclusive items or services at a discount over the non-member price. They are also looking to host people who have their own domain names (such as mine: so that they can move their accounts from other services and now be hosted by In addition, they are taking their proceeds and donating to conservative causes such as the Heritage Foundation or the Gary Sinise Foundation which help veterans and first responders.

One can clearly see that Ronald Reagan would be proud of the mission of Now what remains is for you to decide if it is time for you to make the switch and receive the benefits of membership… unless, of course, you don’t mind that everybody on the internet knows all about you.

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