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Al Gore has managed to convince most Americans that global warming is a serious problem. He has gone on an elongated mission culminating in his masterpiece of propaganda entitled an “An Inconvenient Truth.” There is one major theme that he attempts to purport through all of this: no credible sources disagree with his position.

Ask Dr. Richard Lindzen of Harvard University who testified in front of Gore's senate committee back in the 1980's. Even then, Gore attempted to browbeat Dr. Lindzen into supporting his hypothesis about global warming. He has a perverse need whereby no one asserts a contradictory position. Gore has built on that for almost twenty years, even though there is a large body of credible individuals who assert that facts do not support Gore's theories. This is probably why he has never agreed to debate anyone on the matter.

Now his tactics have seeped into the liberals' playbook as they have taken over the levers of government. Instead of just asserting their position and attempting to win support of the majority of Congress and their constituents, they are following the Gore Plan and stating no credible opposition exists to their policy positions.

Listen to Tom Daschle on health care reform. He is President-elect Obama's choice to run Health and Human Services (HHS) and apparently his point man for effecting change to our health care system. Mr. Daschle stated that things have changed since the 1990's. Now there is no opposition to universal health care, states our incoming Secretary of HHS. It may be couched in other terms like “reform,” but clearly Daschle wants a government-run health care system. He is in the process of deriding the current system without defining clearly what will replace it because on its own it cannot be sold. You will see other liberals embrace his mantra that there is no credible opposition. He has adopted this tactic for two reasons. The first is because of the weakness of his position and the second is to dupe others into believing in his plan and blindly supporting it.

But there is monumental opposition to a government plan. The Democrats have tried to bring the matter to a crisis level by refusing any reasonable reforms such as portability, cross-state insurance sales and stratified insurance policies. State legislatures driven by Democrats desire for government- controlled health care have mandated policies that include every medical option conceivable. Governor Charlie Crist of Florida worked with his legislature to create policies that give residents options for affordable plans. In most states, the Democrats would rather have people uninsured than have some insurance they can afford that protects them for hospitalization and catastrophic circumstances.

Mr. Daschle needs to know that the only businesses that want a government- run program are those that want to dump their health care costs on the government –- such as the auto industry. The rest of us realize that the challenges created by the current system are minuscule when compared to a government-run, unionized health care system.

Next you can be prepared for the argument that everyone believes there should be a $500+ billion stimulus package. Again there is no credible opposition. In fact, as stated by Paul Krugman, the economist and New York Times columnist, the problem is that the stimulus package is too small. He states that the problem with FDR's policies were they did not go far enough.

But those facts belie that nonsense. For seven years of the Roosevelt Administration, very little change was affected by their government run-projects. Yes, bridges, libraries and schools were built, but unemployment was still a staggering 18% until a madman in Europe changed the world and created a wartime economy.

The reason the liberals’ new-honed tactic has been drafted for the stimulus package is because they are interested in stuffing into the bill their entire pet projects in the name of economic revival. Someone arguing for different policies -- that would encourage private investment and thus permanent job creation – could undermine their attempt to backdoor their policies during an economic crisis. They all need to go back and listen to their cult hero, John F. Kennedy, who stated in late 1962 that tax cuts were the solution to a prolonged recession.

You may have been disconcerted by Al Gore's flatulence regarding our environment, but little did you know he was refining new tactics that would be used for every big policy the liberals want to foist upon America. Now you know Al Gore is more dangerous than you ever dreamed.

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