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The Democratic Party believes with the mainstream media in their pocket, they can slander anyone to the point of destruction, even a well-respected Supreme Court nominee like Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


Why? Democrats are hoping to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation long enough to where they may be able to regain the power they’ve been losing since 2014. To their radical leftist base, facts are irrelevant. We know it, and they know it.

Desperate? Yes.

Shameful? Very.

Surprising? Not in the slightest. 

After all, from what we’ve seen from the desperate Democratic Party since the election of our current Commander-in-Chief, nothing should shock us anymore. 

How stupid do these D.C. swamp-dwellers think the American people are? 

Do they really expect us to believe that they, the same party that either defends or stays silent to the issue of female genital mutilation and that almost elected Muslim Brotherhood moneyman Keith Ellison as their party Chairman actually care about the protection of women? 

Sorry to disappoint you Democrats, but we’re not buying it.

Regardless of what may or may not have transpired between teenagers over 30 years ago, which for some reason hadn’t been brought to light until Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, what we essentially have is a party riddled with hypocrisy when it comes to women’s rights, demanding that the FBI investigate a “he said, she said” event, which took place before disco died.


The Democrat party seems to be fully willing to ruin a man’s life, hold the Supreme Court hostage and do whatever it takes to regain power. 

Let’s not forget the other convenient advantage of distracting from the bombshell reports of high-ranking Obama administration officials from the State Department, to the FBI, to the CIA, colluding with leftist media cohorts, with aspirations of reversing the vote of the American people, and explain away the resounding and embarrassing defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump back in 2016. 

They want to rewrite history and will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

The fact that the GOP has allowed this chaos to continue at the hopes of scoring transparency points from people who would stop at nothing to destroy them as well is beyond belief. Republicans are looking like the party of Charlie Brown who continues to try to kick the football right before Lucy and the devious Dems pull it out from under them. 

It’s time for the adults to take back control of our government and say no to the childish and destructive demands of the opposing party.

There are far more important and evidence-based scandals the GOP could be focusing on.

For example, the hijacking of the FBI and other federal agencies by Obama loyalists, with the exclusive purpose of destroying our current president and reasserting total control over our republic.


Or how about John Kerry secretly working behind the scenes to ensure the survival of his notoriously shady and dangerous Iran deal?

How about the blood-thirsty terrorist organization Hezbollah recently obtaining precision guided missiles for the first time and taunting their sworn enemy Israel with destruction?

What about continuing revelations of recent plots by ISIS sympathizers to launch suicide attacks in American tourist destinations such as the Las Vegas strip or Times Square, like the young Colorado Islamist Abdulrahman el-Bahnasawy and his Canadian confidant Talha Haroon, who were recently plotting a slaughter in New York City?

Here’s a recent quote from the mouths of the ISIS sympathizer: “…if we get trapped we let the vests go off. But we need to make sure to do it on a very busy day.” Haroon stated, adding notably, “we kill all in the train regardless of who” and chillingly “remember do not stop shooting even if u see women or kids. No mercy is rule one.”

But are Democrats or the media focusing on issues like this? Is our government utilizing every resource it has to take on blatant corruption, crime and terrorism? Nope. They’ve got bigger fish to fry apparently, like dragging an honorable man’s reputation through the mud over hearsay allegations dating back to before camcorders were invented and the biggest fear facing Kavanaugh or his accuser was getting a zit on the night of a school dance. 


It’s time for the GOP to grow a spine and say no to the childish games of the opposing party, and it’s time for the Democrat party to decide whether they will continue to tolerate corruption and embrace the most radical faction of their base, though it seems to a large extent, that ship has already sailed.

Are we going to sit back and allow this circus to continue? Or will we deliver a reckoning to the corrupt slanderers this November and throw these bums out once and for all? 

I know how I’ll be voting.

(Brigitte Gabriel is a New York Times best-selling author, terrorism expert and founder of Act for America. Her new book, “RISE: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom,” was released on Sept. 11.)

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