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All-In on Leftism: The NFL Needs a Wake-Up Call

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The NFL has never proved itself more worthy of a boycott than the actions they enabled last Sunday. The so called #TakeAKnee movement enveloped almost every NFL stadium last Sunday, with knees and protests being met with well-deserved and overwhelming booing by fans.

The NFL, a majority of owners, and sports media has gone all in on radical leftism, and is but another product of the incessant desire for anti-American radicals to infiltrate every aspect of our culture.

Here are some facts that seem to have escaped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is proud about the protests he enabled.

  1. These protests were started by former player Colin Kaepernick, a man who wore socks to a team practice depicting police officers as pigs. Did Commissioner Goodell have anything to say about this disgusting display of hatred towards our first responders? No, he didn't have the courage then, and he doesn't have it now.
  2. Kaepernick also wore a t-shirt celebrating Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to an NFL media interview, a menace who killed and ruthlessly tortured his people for decades. Any discipline for Kaepernick's celebration of a mass murdering dictator? Nothing.
  3. The NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from paying tribute five Dallas Police officers, who were murdered at a Black Lives Matter protest in July of 2016. The Cowboys wanted to wear a unifying decal on their helmets that read “Arm in Arm,” until the NFL squashed it.
  4. When a Tennessee player, Avery Williamson, wanted to wear a special pair of cleats to honor 9/11 victims, a league rep threatened to fine him.

Given the NFL's unwillingness to confront these objectively reprehensible actions we witnessed on Sunday, while condemning true acts of unity and honor, it shouldn't surprise anyone for him to have done nothing to prevent teams from kneeling during our National Anthem.

What is surprising and increasingly shameful is the NFL's endorsement of such disrespect, from the failed NFL Commissioner, to the Owners, Coaches, and the players.

Of course, whenever leftists shame our country, military, or first responders, they always do so under the guise of "love" and "equality."

ANTIFA uses violence against those they disagree with out of the same deceitful sloganeering. But the NFL, owners, and players insist that this protest is to combat "police brutality" and "inequality."

First of all, the real problem plaguing this country is lack of respect for our heroes in blue, who put their lives on the line for very little pay, to protect self-entitled, ego inflated millionaires like those who defamed them on Sunday.

Secondly, in what universe does kneeling for the national anthem help combat police brutality or inequality? How does wearing socks depicting the thin blue line as pigs help that cause?

These radicals aren't fooling the fans. Recent polling shows that 64% of the public disagrees with kneeling or boycotting the national anthem, with only 24% supporting it.

The issue however, is that we are still being lectured to and pushed around by the anti-American fringe. The most appalling examples of this stem from the sports media, which rivals the leftist political media in its radicalism.

Shannon Sharpe of Fox Sports 1 is perhaps the most militant example of such radicalism. Unlike most in the media who celebrated the display of disrespect for our anthem, Sharpe was "unimpressed," and wished the players had gone even further.

Sharpe also blasted three-time war tour and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva for standing during the anthem, while his Pittsburgh Steeler teammates sat in the locker room like cowards.

Skip Bayless, Sharpe's co-host on Fox Sports’ "Undisputed," shared in the criticism of Villanueva, who has since been forced to apologize for his patriotic actions after shameful media backlash.

On Monday, before being publicly shamed, Villanueva’s jersey was instantly made the most popular sold of any NFL player.

Sharpe also referred to Ivanka Trump as an "animal" on Twitter Monday, continuing his vile hatred for those who do not share in his radical views about our great nation and first responders.

One has to ask the question, "What would happen if Shannon Sharpe was white, and used the exact same language to describe former President Obama's daughter?

The hypocrisy from the NFL, the owners, coaches, players, and sports media is past alarming. We are now in an age where nothing is safe from the leftist anti-American propaganda movement, and we better be prepared to fight back, or continue to see the most unifying aspects of our culture destroyed.

Days after 9/11, a player taking a knee during the anthem to attack our first responders would've been rightly condemned and ostracized. But in the post-Obama presidency, it is not only tolerated, but expected, and if you're a minority like me, it makes you a hero.

Everyone has a right to free speech, but that includes the majority of patriots who resoundingly reject this effort to paint our country with false colors of hatred and oppression.

So, turn off the anti-American propaganda at ESPN and Fox Sports, and spend your money on other things besides merchandise, or tickets to a social justice rally formerly known as a game.

The left understands that boycotts work, and its high time that we, the majority who love America, realize, and act upon that truth ourselves.

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