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This fall, Republicans in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District have the chance to retire Leonard Boswell and take back a seat in the House.  Once believed to be a so-called “conservative Democrat,” Boswell’s liberal voting record demonstrates that his loyalties lie not with the good people of the Hawkeye State, but rather with Nancy Pelosi. Voting with his misguided party for Speaker Pelosi’s disastrous liberal agenda 98% of the time, Boswell’s record is unacceptable to his moderate constituents.

Located in central-southeast Iowa, Iowa’s 3rd District covers all or part of twelve counties. This includes the Des Moines/Polk County area, where 60% of the district’s votes are cast. Extending eastward from the state capital to the outskirts of the Cedar Falls-Waterloo and Cedar Rapids areas, it is also the most urbanized district in Iowa.  Although Barack Obama won this district in 2008, the district maintains a strong strain of conservatism. Rated only D+1 on Cook PVI, George W. Bush claimed Iowa’s 3rd in 2004.

A rural district when Boswell ran for Congress in the 1990s, Iowa’s 3rd has since been redistricted into a more metropolitan district. No stranger to close elections, 2010 promises Boswell his most challenging contest yet.  A champion of the failed stimulus package, out-of-control government spending, and the government health care takeover, Boswell has prioritized his party’s radical agenda instead of the needs of his constituents. Always quick to spend taxpayer’s hard-earned income, Boswell also favors of cap-and-trade legislation—a bill that could prove to be a job killer for Iowa’s farm families.

Boswell may have decided to enter the race this year, but he will be hard-pressed to win it as he faces strong Republican candidate Brad Zaun in the toughest battle of his political career.  Born and raised in Des Moines, Zaun learned business skills and agricultural expertise from his father, a farm implement dealer. As owner of Zaun’s Trustworthy Hardware, Brad has experienced the economic downturn first-hand, just like many of his constituents. Since elected Mayor of Urbandale, the town has had the lowest taxes and highest growth and prosperity in the area. Since serving as Mayor, Zaun moved on to serve as State Senator and Assistant Minority Leader. Always active in his community, Zaun is a champion for education and family. He and his wife, Dede, are the proud parents of five children.

A recent poll commissioned by the Zaun campaign showed the Republican with a nine point lead over the embattled incumbent, buoying GOP hopes at taking this seat in November.

This fall, Republicans have a prime opportunity to elect a leader who will effectively represent their needs and values. Brad Zaun will stand up for conservative principles and Republican values—like fiscal responsibility and high moral standards. I hope you will visit Brad’s Facebook and Twitter pages to stay informed on the latest news and updates from his campaign.

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