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Race of the Day: TX-23

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Texas' twenty-third district, stretching along the USA-Mexico border for hundreds of miles between El Paso and San Antonio, is one of the largest in the country. The district, larger than most states east of the Mississippi, is represented by Congressman Ciro Rodriguez who will be facing a tough re-election this cycle as he faces businessman Francisco "Quico" Canseco.

In what is sure to be a race characterized by the values that underpin the communities in the 23rd district, Republican Canseco is eager and driven to defeat Democrat Rodriguez. Voters in the district are also eager to respond to the reckless spending in Washington and Rodriguez's support of liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi.

The district contains the outskirts of San Antonio, the border cities of Eagle Pass and Del Rio, and the area just east of the major hub of border commerce, El Paso. Between these cities, though, there are miles of wilderness broken by small border crossings. The 23rd has strong senses of both its heritages, the Hispanic and American cultures.

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Francisco Canseco is an attorney and business owner who the NRCC is excited to have as a member of our Young Guns program. He has worked hard to establish a solid campaign infrastructure and fundraising operation and has the kind of real world experience that will help push the economy forward and put a stop to wasteful spending. Canseco will do what career Democrats like Rodriguez will not: stand up to liberal party leaders and vote to stop spending, lower taxes and create jobs.

Canseco is not just a member of the business and professional communities in Texas, but also displays dedication to the community. He and his family are founders of the Canseco Foundation, which provides support for families and children, as well as contributes to scholarships for Texas A&M's nursing programs.

Rodriguez has voted with Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leaders 98.1% of the time and holds the most liberal record of any Hispanic in Texas' delegation. Rodriguez has a clear disconnect to the district. An electorate made up of moderate and conservative voters, Canseco and his fiscally responsible message will resonate with the true values of Texans and this seat will be a prime pickup opportunity for Republicans.

You can visit Quico Canseco’s website or follow him on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about our candidate and this race.

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