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WaPo Wants Sympathy for the IRS, Brett Baier Outsells Tapper, and Tom Cruise Guides Biden’s A.I. Policy?

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Democratic Custodial Services – POLITIFACT

One of the tactics of the fact-checkers in molding narratives is to comb through social media posts and find items to debunk, presenting them as if they were legitimate news items worthy of correction. It is an unsubtle way of trying to tell us what to think, but it makes them feel important.

A recent case was seen when the Israeli war broke out, and some people were sharing images of President Biden stretched out in his lounge chair on the shore in Delaware. PolitiFact is on the case, here to tell us that these pictures are from an earlier date, and as a result, they paint an unfair image of the man:

A photo of President Joe Biden on the beach in Delaware was taken in August. He recently visited his Delaware home and was filmed walking on the beach

He was at his beach house, and he was walking on the beach, but any implication that he was lounging on the beach is entirely FALSE.


He's only been on the case this month, but already, there are signs of encouragement from new House Speaker Mike Johnson. As there is a growing sentiment to deliver aid to Israel, he has sought to compensate for this expenditure by cutting an equal amount from the IRS budget. 

The Washington Post is careful to point out all of the harm that might befall us if this cut were to be enforced from the proposed $80 billion increase Joe Biden instituted for the agency:

Using the IRS funding to offset the Israel aid might not actually save money: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had estimated in 2022 that the $80 billion IRS expansion would cut the deficit by more than $100 billion by improving collections and enforcement. “This is the reverse of the right way to think about this,” said Mark Mazur, the Biden administration’s former assistant treasury secretary for tax policy. “This is like if you take a dollar from the IRS and throw a $5 bill out the window.”

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – VARIOUS OUTLETS

So Representative Cori Bush came out with a curious comment, basically another sign that the Democrats are realizing the problems they could face with so many from their side deciding to side with the Palestinians-Hamas. Bush declared she was a co-sponsor of a resolution regarding Hamas and the hostages they took.

Problem (specifically, numerous problems):

  1. Her resolution does not condemn Hamas.
  2. Her resolution does not mention Jewish hostages.
  3. She voted AGAINST a House resolution that actually condemned the terror group.

To see these facts one only needs to read her resolution itself – since you will not read this being corrected by fact-checkers.

Legalized Press-titution – ASSOCIATED PRESS

  • We suppose it is a good thing he did not watch "Independence Day."

Joe Biden is said to sign executive orders soon to address the challenges presented by the widening availability of artificial intelligence (AI). The reason that the president wants to move swiftly on this matter is chalked up to one man – Tom Cruise:

The issue of AI was seemingly inescapable for Biden. At Camp David one weekend, he relaxed by watching the Tom Cruise film “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One.” The film’s villain is a sentient and rogue AI known as “the Entity” that sinks a submarine and kills its crew in the movie’s opening minutes. “If he hadn’t already been concerned about what could go wrong with AI before that movie, he saw plenty more to worry about,” said Reed, who watched the film with the president.

Demo-lition Project – CNN

While maybe not ubiquitous, we have seen quite a bit from the Jake Tapper book release this summer, his novel, "All The Demons Are Here." He did several interviews for its debut, it was all over his social media, and he reposted images from a collection of luminaries shown with his book. We just assumed it was doing well enough.

Now, we learn that his contemporary over at Fox News, Brett Baier, also has a novel, "To Rescue the Constitution: George Washington and the Fragile American Experiment," just released.

Absent the constant drumbeat and celebrity hype, it is fair to say Baier is faring much better; after Tapper's tome has been in stores for months, he sees that Baier has sold better than him just one week in release.

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