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Another Disney Disaster

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Reporting on the Mirror – DISNEY / PIXAR

  • It appears that no effort will be made to actually fix the problem.

This weekend was a tough one for new motion picture releases. While "The Flash" had a lower-than-expected opening, what was glaring was how the new Disney-Pixar animated film "Elemental" had an embarrassingly bad debut. 

The film was touted for having a mixed-race leading couple with no white performer (these were voice actors for fictional characters of fire and water) but also there were raves for having the first non-binary character in an animated film. The result: The film is coming in as one of the lowest premieres ever for the normally wildly successful Pixar studio. 

Democratic Custodial Services – MSNBC

  • Those conservatives are horrible for acting as the press behaved for years.

Hunter Biden was indicted today, and after pleading guilty to a number of serious charges, he was basically told to go sit in his room and think about what he has done. His tax evasion, drug crimes, and serious weapons charges led to basically nothing being done in the form of serious punishment.

On "Morning Joe," they dealt with the news in the only way expected of them; the charges were completely excused away, and the main problem with all of this is how the GOP will be harping on the charges for a long time. Yes, let me repeat – the press that has been trying to convict Trump for at least half a dozen years is worried Republicans might be focused on Hunter's crimes for some time. Says Ken Delanian, in all his obliviousness:

Certainly Republicans – for literally years now – have accused Hunter Biden with basically everything under the sun. including that he’s the mastermind behind the Biden crime family and corruption.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • After picturing anyone else getting off the hook for federal tax and gun charges, understand Hunter did not get special dispensations.

On CNN, they took a serious look at this legal development and decided that a completely unserious approach was in order. They turned to a legal analyst who looked over the charges regarding Hunter's gun crimes – lying on an application while being a known drug user:

It’s very, very standard for someone in this situation who lies on the form because he’s an addict. The gun is long gone, apparently he only had it for a couple of weeks.  It’s very standard. In these circumstances.”

Also standard is Hunter's father constantly berating gun ownership and wanting to criminalize those who possess a weapon…just not his addict of a son, who no longer has that gun because his brother's widow dumped it in a garbage can across from a high school. You know, just standard stuff.

Presentation Paradox – ABC NEWS

  • Exoneration through ignoring the evidence seems to be a growing trend.

In a shock to no one, Jon Karl addressed the Hunter story and it went sideways, and it was made all the more asinine that he did so during a visit on "The View." While covering the story with the cackling hens on that show, Karl saw fit to excuse away the case – by sweeping away all of the proof.

Jon declares there is no evidence of Biden family corruption, but he does admit to Hunter's connection to Burisma…which is the very origination point the evidence shows Biden was bribed through. But the best is after his declaration of no proof, Karl looks at Hunter's payout and what it means and states: "We don't know."


While this is arguably an op-ed piece, the executive staff at the Herald-Tribune saw this piece and decided to run it in their paper anyway. When it is an alleged slam on DeSantis, it is almost automatically going to run in a Florida paper; toss in a Christopher Rufo connection, and it becomes impossible to resist. 

This was written by a woman by the name of Robin Williams, who is in some outfit called the Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus. She saw the moves by the administration to revamp the New College of Florida, where Rufo has been granted an appointment, and, in particular, one decision made at the school. Williams is mad they are changing the mascot. She declares it to be racist:

To anyone with even a cursory knowledge of racial stereotypes, the new mascot should have set off alarms. Yet interim president…and the new board of trustees…supported and chose an altered mascot that depicts a tree that has been anthropomorphized to closely resemble an angry, threatening brown individual.

You read that correctly. She is angry at a tree mascot. She has declared that a tree is racist. Nothing more can possibly be said on this matter.

Glossary Over Things – MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE

It is ever the case that the activist left of this world has a perpetual need to redefine anything in order to make things fit their corrupted version of their agenda goals. It is for this reason that Men's Health decided they needed to push a new term for people who are conventionally drawn to a woman.

Of course, the major flaw in all of this is that this is the same crowd that cannot adequately define what a woman is, so this is a term that is already completely compromised.

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