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There were supposed dramatics and import with the delivery of the news, and for those who are headline readers, this might have appeared to carry all of the expected melodrama. The Florida Democratic Chairperson was arrested late on April 3, but that jarring announcement and any political import attached to it were all dissipated once the details came to light and we learned what actually transpired.


Just the fact that the name Nikki Fried was involved should have been the reason for any proper-thinking person to pause, but we live in an era ruled by emotions and political hysteria. Fried was recently (laughably) selected to be the new leader of the state Democratic Party. To see the quality of leadership she is bringing, you need only look at the profane catchphrase she has developed to motivate her party to the polls. 

You have to know that common sense and introspection were never a factor, so let us first look at the news. Fried and just over a dozen others were arrested and booked in Tallahassee last night. She spent hours cooling her heels in the Grey Bar Inn in the state capital.

Nikki later posted a dramatic photo of her arrest while announcing she had been released around midnight.

And with maybe the first sign of things being off-kilter about all of this, we have none other than the infamous national teacher’s union president Randi Weingarten weighing in on things. 

That this has nothing whatsoever to do with education and that the leader of our nation’s educators is incapable of typing a single sentence without an error is a solid indicator of stunted thinking being on display on this matter. We will start with Randi’s assessment of things, then delve into the broader idiocy at play in all of this. 


First, Fried was in no way an opponent of DeSantis. She never ran against him for the governor’s race because she lost soundly in the Democratic primary to the guy who was then stomped like a roach on the bathroom floor at 2:00 in the morning. 

Next detail, Ron DeSantis was in no way attached to this action as it played out on a local level, with municipal police enforcing things. And to reiterate this, Tallahassee is a Democrat-run city, so Ron’s influence is minimal around town, at best. Anybody – from Fried onward – who wants to imply this arrest was provoked by the DeSantis administration is completely oblivious or lying stridently.

Now on to the actual matter. Fried, as the Dems’ account stated, was there for a protest. Scores had gathered earlier to protest the state legislature as they are working on new abortion standards. The police had earlier told the group they were trespassing and had to disperse, and numerous warnings were issued that failing to do so would lead to arrests. This means Fried knew full well what was in store and defied direct orders.

Her staged arrest becomes more evident when you see the fractured logic applied to this protest. While ostensibly protesting against the state leadership undertaking new abortion laws, she, and her followers, were not at the state capitol to express their concern. These geniuses were protesting at Tallahassee City Hall. Um…why?! Are they expecting to see the mayor stand up and take action using none of the influence he does not possess on state matters?


This is the expected result when you choose Miss Guided to be the one to run your party. Fried staged a protest in an odd location, waited for the expected result, and the fawning camera crews who were alerted to the episode delivered the dramatic images needed. It is at least good to know that Nikki is not upset at this arrest. She is in full support of the police enforcing the law in this manner. Do not let her tell you otherwise!

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