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The George Soros Defense Strategy Implicates the Very People Using It

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Low Octane Gas Lighting – NBC NEWS

The announced indictment of former President Donald Trump has energized the news landscape, and journalists are running around today like they have been slamming Jaeger-Bombs with a Cuban Coffee chaser. Many of these hyperactive reports have centered on those people noting how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been supported by George Soros. This has not ended well for these journalists. 

Recall a couple of months back when Ben Collins was not seen posting inaccurate and hilariously misguided articles? Well, thankfully, that suspension is over, so he is back to his expected screwball efforts. Here he tries defending George Soros and Bragg by stipulating that there is no way the billionaire can be said to be backing the DA – the men have never met!

The best is that in the article Collins provides for his "proof," we get a full explanation that Soros has backed up Bragg with a copious $1 million campaign donation. I guess we were in error for actually reading the piece that Ben gave us for his claim:

Most of the criticism of Bragg appears to stem from support, and later political pressure, he received from the racial justice group Color of Change, which tries to influence government and corporate policy around the country. Soros donated $1 million to the Color of Change PAC in 2021. The Soros-funded Open Society Policy Center also piled $7 million into the group’s separate 501(c)(4) arm that year.

Pre-Written Field Reports – MSNBC

  • We'll just assume then that not EVERYONE bringing this up is a hateful Nazi.

Joining in the reflexive Soro defense mechanism was Joy Reid. Yes, we know she is in default racist mode every single night, and her quotidian quest to undermine Ron DeSantis is also a given, so it is understandable the crank-baiter would rush headlong into detailing yet again her claims of the Florida governor being racist.

But notable here is Joy being so automatic in her charge that she not only steps on a rake, she uses it as a pogo stick. See, when you resort to charging bigotry in the case of a core fact backed up not only with evidence but has been widely reported, you end up accusing those who reported those facts of being guilty at an equal level, Joy.

Pathological Media Amnesia – WASHINGTON POST

  • Anyone talking like her is an anti-Semite. Just…not her.

What would a flurry of un-self-aware hysteria be without a visit from the perpetually oblivious Jennifer Rubin? Of course, Jenn had to join the chorus of finger-pointing journos, and of course, she was tripped up by contradictory comments. But, this being the un-esteemed Ms. Rubin, of course, she had to give it a trademarked spin by being contradicted by her own quotes about the man.

There is a reason we have a special Rubin Honor in our coverage of the fractured Pulitzer Prize nominees. She is in an elevated class by herself in this regard.

Reporting on the Mirror – WASHINGTON POST

One of the more disturbing acts from the press in the wake of the Nashville shooting has been ignoring those souls murdered on Monday and instead claiming victimhood for the trans community. Taking this mentality to its nadir is the Washington Post, which not only casts that side in a sympathetic light but actually attacks anyone pointing out the fact that the killer was a trans individual.

Making this all the more disturbing is the proud manner they removed the paywall for this agitprop, as the writer stakes out a claim of bold heroism for doing so.

Anti-Social Media – DAILY MIRROR

  • Why is it the public cannot see the same level of grace in a child murderer that we can?!

After three attempts at promoting it, the Daily Mirror eventually came to the realization that possibly looking at the Nashville shooter with a less-than-critical approach was the wrong way to go. Nonetheless, you have to wonder just what would possess an outlet to consider the person killing three children to be a "whimsical" artist with a "childlike" vision.

Stealth Story Evolution – NEWS CHANNEL 5, NASHVILLE

  • Probably a good idea not to anger the violent mob.

As the state house in Tennessee was going through its legislative process, the state capitol was overrun by a mob of pro-trans protestors, who occupied the building and even disrupted the proceedings in the chamber.

Local reporter Kelsey Gibbs first reported on the mayhem but then removed her first impressions and decided to go with the supremely mockable version declaring the uproarious mob as "mostly peaceful." Probably a wise choice. You wouldn't want to anger this group, after all.


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