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Okay NOW We Can Criticize Fetterman’s Health

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Stealth Story Evolution – THE NEW YORK TIMES

As you may have heard, Senator John Fetterman was recently hospitalized following a bout with lightheadedness. The New York Times provides an update, and in it, the paper sounds rather direct with their assessment of his health.

  • "But his adjustment to serving in the Senate has been made vastly more difficult by the strains of his recovery, which left him with a physical impairment and serious mental health challenges that have rendered the transition extraordinarily challenging — even with the accommodations that have been made to help him adapt."

Interesting. We seem to recall that it was just last September when we were told that detailing Fetterman’s health in this fashion was a level of intolerance coming from his political opponents, including the man he ran against who was an actual doctor.

But, all is not fully open. For some reason, there was a need to have the word “special” struck from one segment of this piece.

Presentation Paradox – WASHINGTON POST

At the Washington Post, they announced a new initiative being carried by the Pentagon in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Special Ops is said to begin working with Ukraine troops to monitor battlefield positioning as well as countering propaganda efforts. Not to debate the merits of this proposed move, it just seems that the very fact we are reading about this in the Post means you can probably do away with describing this as a “Top Secret” mission.

Anti-Social Media – CNN

  • Much upheaval surrounding The Big Interview!

As we mentioned previously, the White House had not made a commitment for Jose Biden to sit down for the traditional pregame interview before the Super Bowl. Today the administration came out with a curious announcement; they had wanted the president to sit in for an interview on Fox Soul, the lightly-known streaming outlet, but declared that they were shut down by the parent network.

Detailing these negotiations, Oliver Darcy came out to deliver some criticism to the White House for playing these games but also take its side for not wanting to sit in with those dastardly sorts who have the temerity to criticize the president.

  • "Biden continues to ice out the right-wing channel and decline requests for sit-downs. The Biden WH could make an easy case to the public about why he's not sitting down with a channel that employs extremists like Tucker Carlson who launch vicious attacks on him & his admin/family."

However, it appears that things have been ironed out, and Biden will be doing the interview on the Fox Soul outlet. This seems to have caught Mr. Darcy just a bit off guard.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – WASHINGTON POST

  • We are still waiting for the day when the Post performs these character explorations on a Democrat.

This was the paper behind the Tim Scott challenges to his family history, let’s remember. They were willing to repeat many of the racist comments hurled at Texas Representative Mayra Flores. And George Santos, of course, is seeing his life story claims coming under current scrutiny. Now the Post stages yet another political biography hit job, and they manage to once again target a Republican minority. This time Anna Paulina Luna is getting the focus of two of the Post’s white writers.

The piece is centered on interviews with people from her past who state she used to mostly consider herself of a Jewish persuasion. The challenge is that Luna has not always considered herself to be Hispanic, as she does today.

  • "Her embrace of her Hispanic heritage has surprised some friends and family who knew her before her ascent to the U.S. House this year."

In dredging up items from her family lineage, the Post gets facts wrong (it claims she registered as a Democrat in the state of Washington years ago when the state does not register voters by party), and the congresswoman disputes many of the details in the piece. 

Possibly the best part of this hit job is that while supposedly criticizing Luna for her “claim” at being Hispanic, they fully attest that her mother is Mexican American and her grandmother was born in Hidalgo. Just try to imagine the reaction if, say, a writer from this site is seen claiming that a political candidate was not sufficiently Hispanic.

Gilded Reframe – WE GOT THIS COVERED

We have touched on some of the imbalanced coverage from the video game realm, where there is a great disturbance over the release today of the new Harry Potter-themed video game “Hogwarts Legacy.” Numerous woke activists are raging about this release due to the imbalanced and inaccurate outrage leveled toward the creator J. K. Rowling.

Just to extend the idiocy even more, now we get this helpful guide from an entertainment site on how players, fearful of the unhinged reprisals they could receive from the overly-hysterical under-stimulated activist set, can hide their progress and levels earned on the game from those emotional individuals. 

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

  • Kudos to his lawyer for finding 12 of his client’s peers.

After Thomas Patrick Houston was arrested for driving while intoxicated, he stood trial for his charges. The defense team put up the argument that his driving under the influence that evening was “an act of necessity, thus justified under the law.”

Houston was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing.

  • "A Northern California jury found a Ukiah man not guilty of driving under the influence after deciding his actions were justified after he was caught cheating on his wife, which made his driving 'necessary to allow him to escape two angry women,' according to Mendocino County prosecutors."


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