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Biden’s Document Cleanup, Mo-Jo Says the IRS Keeps Us Safe, and DeSantis Threatens Us With His…Silence?

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Democrat Custodial Services – POLITICO

  • "When making the comparison of two apples, we'll just call one of them an orange."

The news that Jose Biden was found to be in possession of classified documents from his time as vice president has the press working to explain this away, given the months spent declaring that Trump's possession was going to render the nation to a pile of rubble. How, after the FBI raid hysterics, will they justify Biden's own issue, especially after the president himself declared Trump wandering off with documents to be a heinous act?!

Easy, as Politico's Jonathan Lemire shows us – just say it is "No Big Whoop."

And just like that, it is wiped away, all clean. This way, the journalists do not have to address a few of the key questions that still linger, however.

  • The amount of documents is not the issue so much as the contents, and no one is detailing what was in these papers.
  • The "when discovered" aspect is amusing, considering Biden has had these classified docs for at least six years.
  • Note that the reporting on these classified docs does not follow "when discovered." These were located in his possession before the midterms but are making the news two months later.
  • The classified nature of documents is in question when it is a president; why and how did the vice president obtain those when he was not authorized to do so?

Gilded Reframe – THE NEW YORK TIMES

Flashback for just a moment to the Trump era, when his confrontational approach with the press was declared to be a threat to our nation's institutions. It was an intemperate assault on The Fourth Estate, it shook the foundations of our democracy, and it was going to lead to violence against journalists.

Bear all of that in mind as The New York Times looks ahead at a possible Ron DeSantis run for the White House, and they see an even bigger threat.

He…um…is not attacking the press. 

In reference to a recent piece in the paper about how the governor of Florida chooses to not engage with the press. In the report, they even talk glowingly about how Trump engages with reporters and speaks to them by name. Best of all, Peter Baker tells us that DeSantis being apathetic toward journalists and basically ignoring them more often is "a more radical approach."

Matching Media Memorandum – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • The "We-don't-like-it-so-it-must-be-TRUMP!" talking point has been delivered.

Over in (or is it "down in"?) Brazil, they had their own little burst of democratically-inspired protests. Images of citizens storming their congressional building were far too much to resist for the pundits. Obviously, this action only came about for one reason, and one reason alone.

Small detail Nicolle overlooks; for this to be a copycat crime, it means these people are trying to match a crime that failed. The man who supposedly inspired this has not been in office for two years because their claim he was trying to overthrow the government failed.

Of course, for all of these experts to have their opinion hold up, they have to ignore that Brazil was not uniquely inspired. It seems over the past few decades that mobs overrunning the congressional building is a semi-regular occurrence in their country.

Presentation Paradox – MSNBC

  • Remember a time when the leftists in the press saw these agencies as forces of oppression and graft?

On "Morning Joe," the titular host was speaking with Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, and Joe Scarborough was just beside himself over the fact that Republicans running the House would lead to serious threats to some of our governmental authorities, like…the IRS.

Mo-Jo was upset at the concept that the GOP dares to impugn the good name of the FBI and the recently-woke military, and he was mewling about how this is a severe problem. It might sound off to hear coming from a left-leaning news channel, but once you understand that they love the idea of a bigger and more oppressive state, it begins to make sense. The most precious part is when Joe bemoans the targeting of the IRS and states this will affect the safety of Americans. 

Low Octane Gas Lighting – METRO UK

  • We cannot be sure you know the definition of that word.

It has been a bit of a laugh to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make absolute spectacles of themselves as they appear in just about any and all press outlets – to discuss how oppressive journalists can be. Currently, the Clown Prince is making a promotional blitz to promote his just-released book – you know, because the Royal pariahs are just so over the press.

The funniest, though, arrives from this British tabloid. As the past couple of months have seen this duo on everything from television, streaming services, interviews, podcasts, publishing, and anything else involving broadcasting their plight, the Metro UK just HAS to be sarcastic as they go on to describe the ousted monarch as "The Media-shy Prince Harry."

Stealth Story Evolution – WASHINGTON POST

At least it was not because of Taylor Lorenz this time. In a piece about some of the education initiatives Ron DeSantis is putting in place in Florida, Post writer Valerie Straus included portions regarding education activist Christopher Rufo. Upon publication, the never-media-shy Rufo went after the paper over a number of inaccuracies in the piece regarding how he was portrayed.

This led to an editor coming clean and rectifying numerous details as a result. 

Stealth Story Evolution (Rufo Files Pt. 2) – NEW YORK MAGAZINE

  • Really, Jon, it is best to not even cover Rufo.

Last year, Chris Rufo caught Jonathan Chait misquoting him, and when called out, Chait tried to weasely say that the correct direct quote did not alter the content – despite an edit and a correction becoming required. Once again, Chait resorted to lazily quoting Rufo based on assumptions, and Rufo called him out on it – again.


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