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Martha Radditz Tussles, Fact-Checker Muzzles, and The NY Times Nazi Puzzles

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Democrat Custodial Services – ABC NEWS

  • Yeah, that thing that Biden said he wanted to do and has been doing for years? That's the GOP's fault!

This is a remarkable performance by Martha Raddatz. Not in the way of being impressive or even surprising, just that she actually had the temerity to attempt this level of blame-shifting.

Raddatz, in speaking with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, directly stated that it was he, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis who were responsible for the years of a border surge. She claims they have made the statements that Biden wanted people to come across the border, something she says she never heard him say. This is a supposed journalist making this theory. 

The kicker? Last year Raddatz herself was at the border and spoke with immigrants who told her they specifically entered the U.S. as a result of Joe Biden making things inviting for them. 

Legalized Press-titution – NBC NEWS

  • The J-6 Committee is the smash holiday sensation!

By this point, it is becoming clear the only people seriously impressed with the January 6 Committee are the journalists. Like last week, when we showed how the J-6 hearing made it on the Year's Best list for television, now, when the final hearing is taking place, the media are enthralled. 

At NBC News, Lester Holt introduced their coverage, but only after the network delivered a Hollywood-style sizzle reel to kick things off.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • This would be more believable had you not spent years mocking others over this same activity.

The press meltdown over last week's suspensions continues, and so does Oliver Darcy embarrassing himself in all manner of deflection and condemnation over the stories he does not want to cover. The network was especially consumed with the fact that reporter Donie O'Sullivan would have to sit in timeout for a week. It turned out to be about two days. Darcy, in continuing to report on the outrageous act (his interpretation), tried acting naive about the fact that O'Sullivan just had to delete a violating tweet to be reinstated.

The problem is Darcy is on the record not only being aware of this standard, but he has also been condescending on the matter as he postured like a Twitter TOS expert.

News Avoidance Syndrome – VARIOUS FACT-CHECKERS

  • And this is what gets waved off since the press has redefined "lying" the last couple of years.

Much like Obama was declared to have delivered a "scandal-free" presidency as a result of the press not reporting on his scandals, Jose Biden is considered an honest man as the fact-checkers refuse to hold him accountable for his perpetual lying. The New York Times went so far as to christen this an approved character trait, as his "storytelling" and his "folklore" is a way of connecting with people.

In this vein, we have the recent speech Biden gave where he declared his father implored him to award his uncle the Purple Heart since he was vice president and wielded the power. Three issues with this folksy story: He never did this, as both his father and uncle had passed away prior to Biden being selected as VP. Not only are few outlets highlighting this fable, but even fewer are raging about the problem of a president being a recidivist liar, as they had for four years prior.

Anti-Social Media – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Clue for 3-Reich Down…

There is a very good chance this was an inadvertent development. But considering the press has a rather knee-jerk reaction process when it comes to being able to accuse this sort of thing with those on the right (recall the stage at CPAC was allegedly a Nazi runic symbol?), we feel the need to hold The Times to that very standard.

After all, if a conservative outlet put out a crossword puzzle resembling a swastika – and at the start of Chanukah, no less – what are the odds of journalists withholding judgment and refraining from hysterical accusations?


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