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The Media Appears Rather Selective With Their Interest in Immigration

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Stealth Story Evolution – VARIOUS MEDIA

  • They appear rather selective with their interest in immigration.

Following the uproar in the media he created with the Martha's Vineyard immigrant flights, Ron DeSantis has managed to get the media deeply excited and willing to cover the issue – in Delaware. 

It was learned that Florida's governor might send a plane of travelers to Biden's vicinity in his home state, which has generated significant media interest. Actual crossings at the border on a much larger volume on a daily basis? Meh, that's not nearly as important. 

News Avoidance Syndrome – ASSOCIATED PRESS

The hearing of Democrat Robert Telles for the murder of a Las Vegas journalist took place, and the AP was on site to provide all the details. Well, okay…maybe not ALL of them. Nowhere in their report can the news syndicate get around to using the word "Democrat." It seems that the press still has a hard time coming up with the elusive detail of the party with which Telles is affiliated.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • This week's new media celebrity: Texas Sheriff Javier Salazar.

The Sheriff of Bexar County made a name for himself when he announced he would be pursuing charges against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the immigrant flight to Martha's Vineyard. Now, he wants to make a face for himself, as he is appearing on news networks. Apparently, his migrant-flooded county has no other work he is needed for, so TV time is fully available. So he has time for a frivolous investigation for political points, but looking into trafficking and other severe issues is of little concern. 

In this appearance with Dana Bash, he shows his fidelity to the law by imploring businesses to hire illegal immigrants in their restaurants – a violation of our immigration and labor laws. Hmmm. 


After his embarrassingly poor performance on "60 Minutes," there have been a number of walk-back notices from the White House on how Joe Biden's comments were not the official stance – of the Biden administration.

Reuters looked into all of the details about the current status of the pandemic and where we stand on the Covid outbreak.

- "HAS THE U.S. FORMALLY DECLARED THE END OF THE PANDEMIC? No. The United States is still operating under the public health emergency, first declared in January 2020."

Has Reuters looked into how/why the American president cannot seem to get the official message correct on the American position on the pandemic? That answer is also "No." 

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – POLITIFACT

Must be a non-newsworthy day for the media truth detectors. It's not like President Biden had a massively troublesome interview in prime time to pick through or his press secretary delivering plenty of conflicting information on the border non-crisis. No, PolitiFact has to dedicate itself to verifying whether an animated comedy has or has not accurately predicted Queen Elizabeth's death. The determination is that Homer Simpson has NOT accurately predicted her passing. Govern yourselves accordingly. 



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